What’s in my Amazon cart: Spring Cleaning Edition

Spring is finally here and that means spring cleaning and all the things that come with it. Organizing, rearranging and throwing out. Every year I like to do this as Im sure everyone else does! This is the beginning of what is to come a more deep cleaning during spring break (when the kiddos are free to partake 😉) lol

#1. Sock/underwear drawer organizer

Ive been looking for a good way to keep my socks and underwear more organized and separate. This one has over 6k reviews so I definitely want to try it.

#2.Fridge/freezer bin organizer

I need something to keep everything in the fridge clutter free and accessible. I think it will over all look super organized and put together.

#3.Drill brush deep cleaner

I browsed upon this and thought it would make life so much easier when cleaning the hard to reach areas. Specifically around the base of the toilet.

#4. Micro fiber cleansing clothes

I get these every year and they last year round. Super durable, gets the job done and can be used for pretty much everything.

#5. Dresser drawer organizer

A few years back when I started to really clean out my closet and get rid of clothing items I didn’t use anymore. I began using the Marie Kondo method of folding clothes. It works wonders and I still use and love that very method. Ive been wanting something that actually separates and creates different spaces for clothing and I think this would do the trick nicely.

#6. Mircro fiber duster

This duster can extend to over 100 inches. Which is perfect for getting the corners of the ceiling and other hard to reach areas.

Until next time…

Tiara’s up, xo

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