June Sephora haul

Happy new week!! I cant tell you how excited I am to try some of these products this month!! I looove serums and I just had to try the new Tarte hydroflex serum infused foundation and the new olaplex bond intense moisture mask!!! So I will be sure to give my honest thoughts and opinions on those and everything else!!! Lets get into this haul…

1. Hudroflex serum foundation

2. Intense moisture mask

3. Brown obsessions eyeshadow pallete

4. Radiance bronze powder

5. Makeup organizer

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How I get defined faux micro-bladed Eyebrows || Benefit Cosmetics vs. Tarte cosmetics review

Happy Monday and great start to your week!!! This past weekend was sooo needed! I prioritized rest and unplugging on Saturday. It was soo good. I got some much needed one on one time time with my girl crew and even found out my dolly can sing 😳😍 it was sooo amazing!! Anywho, I have always had a love/ hate relationship with my brows ever since I over plucked them in High-school. (Major no-no) Im so thankful Ive been ablw to grow them a lot fuller then they were with my fave Lash serum However I love my brows to be super thick and Im only in the middle stage of my lash and brow journey so I love filling them in!

Ive been using the DIY detailing pen from Tarte for several months now and I absolutely love it. So much so that it is part of my My Holy Grail: Makeup Edition. When I looked thru the new products at Sephora at the beginning of the month and saw that Benefit cosmetics came out with a new Micro filling pen for brows I had to get it and try it out!

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Micro filling Pen
{deep brown used here}

Well I tried it out and love the fact that the microbladed look is made easy! It comes in 4 different shades. The pen creates the illusion of natural brow hair with three ultrafine lines in a single stroke. It is also designed to blend in with existing hairs, fill in gaps, and make brows appear where before there were none. This easy-to-apply formula looks natural and is waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-wearing! Such a great alternative right??? No pain, no commitment, no expensive price tag, just great brows.

Tarte Cosmetics DIY Detailing Pen
{dark brown used here}

Okay so This pen is the Tarte Cosmetics DIY detailing pen. It comes in 3 different shade that pretty much range from light, medium snd dark. It has a precision, angled brush tip that softly flicks on hair-like strokes with bristles that mimic real hair growth. It tints and fills in sparse areas to create the look of fuller brows while locking down for waterproof, sweatproof, and smudge-proof wear. It also includes a spoolie to comb through brows. As you can see there is a difference in shade color. I do think that it looks more natural to me. Which is why I would use this pen on a no makeup/ Fresh face type of day. Now when I wear My full face makep routine I would use the Micro filling eyebrow pen from Benefit to give my brows a more defined look.

Overall I give both of these pens a 10/10! It just depends on what specific look you ate going for. I also will incorporate both of the pens in my routine as I do love the way both look used together. ANOTHER ONE added to the Holy Grail🙌🏾

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New New! Pink Lily: Cabo Collection || Drop 3

Happy Friday & happy PL launch day!! Running a bit slow today feeling some body aches, chills and fever after getting my 2nd vaccine yesterday. But nonetheless here I am.
First off, In celebration of the cabo collection part 3 drop, I want to share a few of my fave pieces from part 2 that I have been loving. Remember you can use code: March15 at checkout to save 15% on your entire order.

LOOK 1: Meet me at Waikiki black one piece bathing suit {wearing M} Runs tts. DISCLAIMER: if you have more hips and booty size up 1 size. Comes in 7 colors & the thin shoulder strap is removable.

Sandals: Amazon

LOOK 2-Top: Wonder ofter blush sweater tank

Shorts: Wonder often blush shorts

Sandals: Kell Parker USE CODE: tiffany15 for 15% off!(looove this brand so much! Hands down the best place to get high quality designer dupes!) You can read my full review of the brand Here.

LOOK 3: Lets be happy black jumper {wearingM} runs tts/comes in 9 colors

Sandals: Animal print stud sandals {runs snug/ size up 1/2 a size} DISCLAIMER: wouldn’t recommend for wide feet.

Okay so here are a few of my picks from part 3 of the collection which is live NOW!! You can also just skip my picks and just shop the collection by clicking the pic below.

#1: A Heart beat song striped dress $37 w/code: March15

#2:Delightfully in love dress ($41 w/code: March15)

#3:Meant to be forever romper ($41 w/code: March15)

#4: Bikini top- Vitamin sea rainbow ribbed white swimsuit too ($22 w/code: March15) – Bikini bottom- Vitamin Sea rainbow white swimsuit bottom ($22 w/code: March15)

#5:Coastal distancing crop tee ($24 w/code: March15)

#6: Sun rays black band straw hat ($34 w/code: March15)

#7: Love at first sight floral maxi dress ($44 w/code: March15)

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and until next time..

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New New! Pink Lily: Cabo Collection || Drop 2

Another Friday! Another new collection from my fave!! Woot woot!! Lets start this weekend off right with my picks from this drop shall we?! You can check out my top picks from the first drop Here and my first drop haul Here.

(Shop the FULL collection drop 2 by clicking the pic at the end below)

#1. Ribbed button blush dress

#2. Blush sweater tank / Blush sweater shorts

#3. Pink maxi dress

#4. Criss cross sandals

#5. Blue striped romper

#6. Orange printed romper

#7. Leather & jute espadrilles

#8. Striped black sweater tank / Striped black sweater shorts

#9. Ribbed cutout blue one-piece swimsuit

To shop the FULL collection click pic below👇🏾

Cant wait to see what the final drop 3 has!! Thanks for stopping by, happy weekend & until next time….

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pink lily

New New! Pink Lily: Cabo Collection || Drop 1

•Click pic to shop full collection •

Woot woot! Sooo as you know I am a pink Lily ambassador. And Im excited about todays Cabo Collection launch because this is the first BIG spring collection they have launched. So big in fact they have 3 separate launches annnd the fact its a destination collection gives me all the 😍

Here are my top pics for the 1st drop, you can use code: February15 to save 15% off your whole purchase at check out! And be looking out for drop 2 and drop 3🙌🏾🙌🏾

#1. Off the shoulder dress

#2. Green printed romper

#3. Mauve tank

#4. Long knit cardigan

#5. Champagne for breakfast tee

#6. Mimosa mornings tee

#7. Midi dress

#8. Animal print sandals

#9.Strappy wedges

#10. White slip ons

#11. Palm Springs tee

#12. Striped one piece bathing suit

#13. Leopard print one piece bathing suit

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Until next time…

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Valentine’s Day outfit ideas ||Going out or staying in friendly💕

#1. Sleeveless lace midi dress

#2. Lovely gold hoops

#3. Fuzzy fur flip flops

#4. Rose blouse (use code: JANUARY15 for 15% off)

#5. Pisa tile bracelet ( on sale/ under $15)

#6. Satin pink pajama blouse /Satin pink pajama bottoms (comes in 3 colors)

#7. Plunge neck body suit

#8. Super sweet plush robe

#9. Pure silk face mask

#10. Love script pendant (on sale $30 off)

#11. Memory foam house slippers

#12. Pearl & velvet headband

#13. Ombré graphic white sweatshirt (use code: JANUARY15 for 15% off)

#14. Love dangles

#15. The Blair lounge pants (use code: JANUARY15 for 15% off)

#16. Suede lace up heels

Whether you’re going out or staying in, ya girl has got you covered😉 stay safe! Until next time…

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#PinkLilyStyle: One dress||Worn Two Ways

O U T F I T – D E T A I L S

DRESS: Pink Lily {wearing M}

DEMIM JACKET: Pink Lily {wearing L}

BOOTIES: Red Dress


HAT: Amazon

Happy new week! Hope it’s a good one. I just love when you can take a staple piece and style it into multiple outfits. Today I took this super cute midi dress that comes in like four colors and dressed it up for a cute date night or it would also make a cute Valentine’s Day dress. You can make it more formal by adding heels or even pumps. I dressed it down by throwing on some cute sneakers that btw are the perfect dupe to the Steve Madden and Givenchy pair. I do love me a good dupe! I added a distressed white denim jacket which gave it the ultimate casual yet comfy look. I could definitely see me wearing this on a shopping trip to the mall followed by a good lunch with hubby.

I’ll be posting an actual try on video featuring both looks on my Instagram stories later, so make sure you’re following along!

Until next time…

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#Ootd: Pink Lily Style || & Just dropped:New Ready for anything Collection

O U T F I T – D E T A I L S

SWEATSHIRT: Pink Lily {Wearing L for an oversized fit} use code: JANUARY15 for 15% off

JOGGERS: Walmart {Wearing M) Super comfy and sooo good.

SNEAKERS: Shein the best designer look for less! {size up 1/2 a size}

EARRINGS: The styled Collection

NECKLACE: My Little Necklace (use code: rthisdollhere for discount)

Happy FriiiiiiYAY!! This week dragged for some reason to me and I couldn’t be happier that today is the beginning of the weekend! Thus my sweatshirt I’m wearing, which is so fitting 🙌🏾 As you know I am a pink Lily ambassador which basically just means I really love the brand and get to receive some awesome perks and commission by sharing my love for them. I did a FULL on blog post about why I absolutely adore this brand when I became an ambassador back in July. {You can read all about it and a lil about how the brand started Here}

Since I’m now working from home and still quarantining I find that I’m wearing more and more comfy and cozy attire and I’m not mad about it. I’m certain I’ve purchased at least 4-5 oversized sweatshirts, leggings and joggers within the last week 😂😂 if I keep it up I can be deemed the comfy, cozy queen LOL. Anywho I wanted to share this super cute sweatshirt that is speaking my language today with it being Friday!🙌🏾 I paired it with some cute joggers and one of my fave pair of designer inspired sneaks for a fun but relaxed feel. I like that you can really dress this up with a cute mini skirt or down with some skinny jeans but either way For now, like the sweatshirt says, this mama is OUT OF THE OFFICE ✌🏾

The pink Lily Ready for anything collection is LIVE now. Click pic below to shop all the new new! Use code:JANUARY15 for 15% off your entire order.

Thank you for stopping by, until next time…

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Pretty in pink || V-day outfit inspo

Hi friends & welcome to any newbies as well! So glad you are here. The color Pink, if you didn’t know already is my absolute favorite color in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE💕😍🙌🏾 I mean it’s such a happy and beautiful color that just instantly puts me in the best mood, I just want it in/on allll the things!! Now while pink is a pretty popular color among many it’s even more popular this time of year since it’s almost Valentine’s Day. And that is what I wanted to share today. One of my fave outfits that could be perfect for your night in or out and gives you a good festive moment to photograph as well 😉

O U T F I T – D E T A I L S

TOP: Red Dress {wearing M}

PANTS: Red Dress {wearing M} (currently on sale for $26


Until next time…

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V-Day outfit inspo ||Pink Lily: New Love Collection Picks

It’s the first collection of the year for one of my fave boutiques and since I’m an ambassador I thought I would share some of my fave picks from this collection. I know a lot of you are looking for outfit inspo for your valentines plans coming up in February so this is perfect because this collection has bunches of cute heart designs and my absolute fave color PINK! You can shop the entire collection Here

Use code:JANUARY15 for 15% off your entire purchase.

1. Heart full of love sweater

2. Secret obsession cardigan

3. Serendipity love fuzzy heart sweater

4. Absolutely fabulous color block skirt

5. Simply sweet distressed sweater

6. Waiting on the weekend color block sweater

7. Love your heart grey printed sweater

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Worth the hype or not: Barefoot Dreams blanket edition || & an amazing dupe

Happy Monday friends! Today I want to put into question what all the fuss is about over the ever so popular Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams blanket. For years now this blanket has been the most sought after, celebrity endorsing, blogger approved, rarely goes on sale but always sold out, not even cheaper on Amazon blanket that I personally have ever heard of… WHY???

Well as far as I went back on researching this I came to find out that this blanket was actually made popular by the Kardashians. Particularly Khloe Kardashian. She would be seen carrying the blanket in question alllll the time. In multiple scenes and pics. I don’t know if she was sponsored to or not but what I do know is that by looking at all the pics and videos it was all back when the Kardashians DID NOT look like the Kardashians that we know and see today. So that tells you without telling you lol😜

The blanket has also been approved by other celebrities like Christy Tiegen & Jennifer Garner just to name a few. But why is this blanket sooooo freakin popular when it’s just made of polyester??? Is it really worth all the hype? What is a good dupe for it?

Well of course I got the blanket from Nordstrom since I can’t give my real and honest review on it without actually having it. Personally I have used This blanket that my hubby legit fights me for (even tho it’s mine) for years now and it is the coziest most comfy and soft double Sherpa blanket that I literally take with me everywhere! It has been part of my holy grail for a while now & I was pretty happy with it and was not on the hunt for a replacement. Now with that being said, this is my job to try products and clothing items and in turn give my honest review and if along the way of trying those items I love it then they make the “holy grail” list. Just to give a lil clarity. I’m disclosing that because I will be comparing my current holy grail/fave blanket from VS Pink with the blanket in question BFDs along with the dupe option I’ve chosen from Pink Lily!

Ok so let’s start with a few specs of the blankets:

  • How big are the blankets:

BFDs- 54″ x 72″

VS Pink- 50″ x 60″

Pink Lily- 70″ x 44″

  • What are the blankets made of:

BFDs- 100% polyester microfiber

VS Pink- double sided Sherpa

Pink Lily – faux fur/ polyester

    How much are the blankets:
  • BFDs- $180.00
  • VS Pink- $59.95
  • Pink Lily- $94.00
    • Do they come in a variety of colors:

    BFDs- yes!

    VS Pink- No

    Pink Lily- yes!

    • How do they look:


    Click pic to shop!

    VS Pink-

    Click pic to shop!

    Pink Lily-

    Click pic to shop!

    Ok so here’s what you came here for… my thoughts on the BFDs blanket is this: I can definitely see why and how everyone snd their mother really likes the blanket. Over all it is amazingly soft, It feels exactly like the Bare foot dreams cardigan (if you already have one for reference) all the designs are super cute and they have quite a bit to choose from! Honestly all 3 blankets feel pretty much the same. The only difference besides the size and physical appearance of the 3 were that the BFDs was literally a smidge bit thicker. I’m thinking of doing a fun lil test later today on my insta stories to see which blanket feels the best while blind folded that include hubby, Dolly , Anjee mama & my mommy dearest and see their picks! Follow me on Instagram Here to check it out!

    So my final thoughts on this overly coveted blanket is- Yes! It is super trendy but NO it is not worth the hype nor the high end price tag! Now please don’t get me wrong I do love the blanket a lot! So much so I am now using it as my permanent blanket. And if you are a person who doesn’t mind dropping 2 bills for a blanket and you really want to then yes! Do what makes you happy, especially if you can afford it. I can tell you won’t be disappointed. However there is absolutely no way that I would spend that much for a blanket outside of this review. So, If you are a person who loves a good dupe then the below blankets are perfect for you! They feel almost identical to the BFDs one but are a much reasonable price tag. Also hubby is obsessed with it. He ended up claiming for himself LOL! While Dolly took over my VS Pink one.

    Some of the options are actually on sale right now so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage. Click any pic to shop item:

    Here is another dupe option (also on sale) that I have not personally tried but have heard good things about. This was definitely fun to do above anything else. Looking forward to doing many more reviews. If you have a specific thing you would like me to review pleas let me know below! Until next time…

    Tiara’s up,