#NSALE 2021 Sneak Peek |Everything you need to know to shop the sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the most anticipated sales of the year for shoppers, featuring products at incredible prices across every department. Yesterday July 6th, Nordstrom gave everyone a sneak peek at sale items prior to the start of the event which will begin July 12th for certain card holders. Which, depending on the tier of their card status have the opportunity to shop the sale during Early Access. I did a full funny blog post last year making fun of the whole tier system and comparing it to a high-school hierarchy LOL. You can read it HERE.

Now, in MY opinion the sale is so ridiculous to have these tier systems put in to place to begin with So I will NOT be shopping too much of the sale and also because I closed my Nordstrom credit card account to be part of the debt free community. So I probably wont be able to access the sale until public access anyways and by that time everything is usually out of stock. Any-who this blog post is specifically showcasing just a Sneak peek of a few of the items that I saw and loved. In my experience however, if you plan on shopping the sale, now is the time to add your fave items to your wishlist so you have full and easy access to them when the sale goes live. I plan on doing another post for high ticket items I think will sell out the quickest as well as what’s in my wishlist. And of course if I do purchase anything from the sale I will be sure to include that as well.

N O R D S T R O M • A N N I V E R S A R Y • S A L E


Ok so in order to have early access and shop BEFORE July 28th you have to have a Nordstrom store card. If you dont have one and want one you can apply HERE. If you are not sure about your card status you can check it in your account settings.

Canada is also hosting a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but will have a different timing schedule:

EARLY ACCESS: July 25th- July 27th

PUBLIC SALE: will happen July 28th- August 8th

Convertible strap bralette

Zella high waist leggings

Adidas swift run sneakers

Chain bootie

Welt sandal

OTK boot

Good waist skinny jeans

Cozy chic lite cozy cardigan

Single pass ceramic curling iron

Riki skinny lighted mirror

MAC eyeshadow palette, eye pencil & mascara set

Are you planning on shopping the Anniversary sale? If so what items are shopping for? Let me know below!

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NSale: Still in stock

Hey everyone! If you were like MANY and couldn’t score all the items on your wishlist, but still want to take advantage of getting some great things at sale prices… These items are still in stock and great sellers!

1. Hydrocotton bath towel (org:$29/ sale:$18.90)

2. Wood serving bowl (org:$55/ Sale:$34.90)

3. High waist skinny jeans (org:$128/ Sale:$84.90)

4. Faux leather leggings (org:$49/ sale:$28.90)

5. Lounge leggings (org:$65/ sale:$42.90)

6. Faux leather moto jacket (org:$98/ Sale:$56.90)

7. Hightop platform sneakers (org:$70/ Sale:$45.90)

8. Plush sneaker (org:$135/ Sale:$79.90)

9. Open front pocket cardigan (org:$79/ Sale:$45.90)

10. Open stitch cardigan (org:$49/ sale:$31.90)

11. Pointed toe mule (org:$88.95/ Sale:$54.90)

12. Remi mule (org:$88/ Sale:$49.90)

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Here’s what happened: My theory on why the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale was a complete BUST!

Okay Okay!! I know most of everyone is soooo over hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. But can I just say that I personally am so not over it omggg!!!! Like I’m definitely so annoyed with how they went about this whole thing not just this year but even in recent years.

So first, lets begin by starting out explaining how Nordstrom has this, what I like to refer to as a “Mean girls/Clueless” high school hierarchy like system. P.s. I might have been actually watching Mean Girls the movie while typing this out LOL!!! Okay, so If you are a nordy card member you KNOW exactly what I’m talking about. This “hierarchy” consist of 5 different classes or tiers which basically translates into memberships. (So FANCY right?!) Anywho, the memberships (beginning w/ highest in rank) consist of ICON status. Lets just call it “the popular cheerleader” group if ever this was a terrible teen movie. Just follow me ok… this “popular” group has to spend $15,000 or more a year to hold this prestigious title. Next we have AMBASSADOR status which I will call “the jocks” Bwuahahahaha I DIE!! Ambassadors have to spend $5,000 or more to earn this title. Next up is INFLUENCER status or “the preps”. This group has to maintain a spending average of $2,000 or more annually. Second to last we have INSIDER status which is basically your “classic friendship circle. This tier spends $500.00 plus yearly and then, lastly you have MEMBER status… your “outsiders/loners of high school. These members spend from $0 to $499 annually.

Now that the whole “hierarchy” has been established, the concept of membership is the higher your status, the more perks you get to enjoy, including early access to special items, alteration services and Nordstrom note discounts. (I’m getting to my point, pinky promise) Now although I have shopped this sale for many years And as each year has gone by I have noticed the sale taking a Bit of a bust each time. ESPECIALLY this year. Specifically because with each tier status, the higher you are up, the sooner you can shop! Now, although this is amazing for those “popular girls”. Ive found that as the sale becomes more public and access is given to the general population items are completely out of stock by the time general access is available. Now I dont know about you, but If ICON status is spending $15,000 or more yearly at Nordstrom then they aren’t the ones that truly need the sale. Get my drift? I mean the whole reason why the NSale is such a great sale to shop in the first place is because great coveted items are in fact, on MAJOR sale. So with that being said, ok great! The high rolling “popular group” gets to shop first. FINE. Seems somewhat fair. BUT now here is where I get pretty ANNOYED.

In past years of the sale and most importantly this year, by the time the general public was able to shop the sale literally EVERYTHING was out of stock. Now FYI, I am AMBASSADOR status and STILL, soooo many of the things on my wish list was already out of stock by the time I was able to shop. *insert angry comment to Nordstrom via instagram here*

Now grant it that comment was made AFTER the sale went live for EVERYONE to shop. Which in my opinion and the opinions of sooo many others via reading the hundreds of angry comments under Nordstrom’s instagram. Items should have been fully restocked and ready to shop for EVERYONE by that time. I understand that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and shipping has been sooo awful. But come on! What I believe really happened is Nordstrom made an assumption that people wouldn’t be able to shop the sale due to the pandemic And ordered their stock based on their higher tier shopping data. Now is this true? Probably not, I have no idea if that is what really happened. I do know however, there is always a demographic that will shop, but they want the latest and greatest and since no one is really traveling or going out, these past seasons are not selling that well and they knew that so they limited their stock. Again this is just my personal “theory” on this. I have absolutely no clue if that is even close to what really happened and I’m hoping that they saw the error of their ways these past few days and made a huge restock purchase and items in my personal wishlist will be magically restocked soon! Lol Seriously Nordstrom’s we need answers or better yet, don’t even explain anything, just restock for goodness sake lol.

My last and final thoughts on this is that although the tier system puts in place how big and micro bloggers make their money by shopping items first then showcasing them to their audience at the same time either the whole hierarchy/tier system needs to be ABOLISHED effective immediately or at least make sure items are FULLY restocked so that everyone may get a fair chance to shop the sale as well. I’m very curious as to what your thoughts are on this. If you have any please drop them below.

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NSale popular STILL in stock items

I have to admit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was a BIG disappointment this year. Sooo many of my wish list items were out of stock already before the sale even went public. You would think there would be a full restock ready to go but to no avail absolutely NOTHING. I can’t see them not fully restocking so we have to keep in mind that shipping is super crazy tight now and some parts of the world have been hit heavily due to weather and COVID-19. I was however able to find these popular items still in stock, CLICK picture to get link…

The BEST leggings that really suck you in and are super flattering. If you get anything from the NSale, get THESE spanx leggings!! Original price:$98 on sale:$64
These leggings are also a good find and have a great feel to them. Original price:$59 on sale:$38.90

This cardigan runs tts and is super comfortable. Original price:$68 on sale:$44.90
Super soft and warm material. Original price:$78 on sale:$45.90
Super comfy & runs tts. Original price:$64 on sale:$48.90
Love the raw hem on these! Original price:$55 on sale:$35.90

Such a cute basic fall bag. Original price:$498 on sale:$299.90

Love these as a transition into fall piece. Original price:$88 on sale:$49.90

So inlove with these!! Original price:$88.95 on sale:$54.90

These are a great fall staple! Original price:$55 on sale:$35.90

Fall MUST have staple piece! Original price:$149.95 in Sale:$99.90

This is a good layering piece or could be worn on its on. Original price:$38 on sale:$24.90

I will definitely keep an eye out for restocks and keep you posted

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You guys!!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is literally a few weeks away! Ive shopped this amazing sale every year ever since i could remember and I’m super excited to be covering it today on my blog!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

Only one of the biggest sales of the year!! The Nsale offers new arrivals plus bestsellers from all the top brands like Vince Camuto, Madewell, Zella, Paige, Topshop and much more…ALL ON SALE!!! I mean it’s literally my fave sale like EVER!!

WHO can shop and WHEN?

If you’re familiar with the sale you know that this year they moved it from July to August. August 19th Thru the 30th to be exact! Prices go up August 31st.

If you are a cardholder you can shop early access beginning August 13th

And depending on your Nordy card status you can shop even earlier:

Icon early Access begins August 4th

Ambassador early access begins August 7th

Influencer early access begins August 10th

One cool thing that is NEW this year is EVERYONE has access to preview ALL sale items virtually even earlier, which became available July 24th. I like that Nordstroms did this because it Replaced their print catalog since CORONA VIRUSSS! And gives you extra time to save your favorites to your wishlist so you can check out faster when you are able to shop.

NSale 2020 Woman’s Denim Sneek Peek

#1. The great Jones ripped ankle skinny jeans [$57.90]

#2. Nico ankle super skinny jeans [$129.90]

#3. Verdi got ripped raw hem skinny jeans [$149.90]

#4. Nina high waist ankle skinny jeans [$129.90]

#5. Donna leopard print high waist ankle skinny jeans [$58.90]

#6. We the free by free people high rise busted knee skinny jeans [$49.90]

#7. 721 high waist skinny jeans [$62.90]

#8. Le high ripped straight leg jeans [$156.90]

#9. Sarah distressed skinny jeans [$48.90]

#10. Ex boyfriend relaxed slim jeans [$143.90]

#11. Ripped high waist raw hem crop skinny jeans [$146.90]

#12. Dre slim fit ankle boyfriend jeans [$149.90]

#13. The prima ankle cigarette jeans [$129.90]

#14. Le high waist flare jeans [$146.90]

NSale 2020 Woman’s fall fashion Sneek Peek

#1. Barefoot dreams cozy chic lite cardigan [$68.90]

#2. Free people main squeeze havoc sweater [$49.90]

#3. Ribbed off the shoulder sweater [$49.90]

#4. Free people afterglow mock neck top [84.90]

#5. Topshop cable sleeve cardigan [$44.90]

#6. Topshop ribbed open front cardigan [$44.90]

#7. Open front cardigan [$39.90]

#8. Treasure & bond crewneck pullover [$39.90]

NSale 2020 Women’s dresses Sneek Peek

#1. Color block floral smocked waist long sleeve dress [$87.90]

#2. Rib sleeveless midi dress [$45.90]

#3. BB Dakota belted short sleeve crinkle woven dress [$51.90]

#4. Courtney rio stripe lawn maxi dress [$99.90]

#5. Long sleeve knit midi dress

#6. Long sleeve faux leather shirt dress [$49.90]

#7. Tile print mock neck long sleeve midi dress [$76.90]

#8. Print long sleeve dress [$31.90]

#9. Mod stripe ruffle trim midi dress [$69.90]

NSale 2020 Boots & booties Sneek Peek

#1. Camila waterproof bootie [$99.90]

#2. Gabriela Chelsea boot [$59.90]

#3. Emelia waterproof Chelsea boogie [$99.90]

#4. Oshay pointes toe bootie [$99.90]

#5. Leigh lug sole bootie [$249.90]

#6. Original leopard print refined short waterproof rain boot [$98.90]

#7. Davis knee high boot [$149.90]

#8. Details leather boot [$149.90]

#9. Nifty pointed toe over the knee boot [$79.90]

#10. Sterling knee high boot [$149.90]

#11. Gradina block heel bootie [99.90]

#12. Unno pointes toe boot [$129.90]

#13. Nadalie pointed toe bootie [$79.90]

#14. Pola studded chealsea bootie [$94.90]

#15. Fedrilla open toe bootie [$79.90]

NSale 2020 Shoes Sneek Peek

#1. Steve Madden Charlie platform sneaker [$45.90]

#2. P448 skate glitter hightop sneaker [$45.90]

#3. Feather genuine calf hair loafer [$39.90]

#4. Forever chain pointed toe mule Steve Madden [$49.90]

#5. Feather loafer [$39.90]

#6. P448 Star zebra high top sneaker [$45.90]

#7. Nmd_R1 sneaker [$79.90]

#8. Stan smith sneaker [$49.90]

#9. Swift run sneaker [$49.90]

#10. Leigh t logo sneaker [$149.90]

#11. Charmed pointed toe mule [$54.90]

#12. Chuck Taylor all star lift hightop platform sneaker [$45.90]

NSale 2020 Bags & Accessories Sneek Peek

#1. Phantos 54mm gradient cat eye sunglasses [$181.90]

#2. 51mm hexagonal flat lens sunglasses [$99.90]

#3. It’s my way 55mm cat eye sunglasses [$35.90]

#4. Carson croc embossed leather crossbody bag[$149.90]

#5. Wide brim wool fedora [$169.90]

#6. Carson convertible leather crossbody bag [$299.90]

#7. Carson zip top crossbody bag [$149.90]

#8. Apple Watch wrapped silicone bracelet strap [$165.90]

NSale 2020 Home Sneek Peek

#1. 32-oz wide mouth bottle with straw [$32.90]

#2. Ingrid Beddos- Beach summer of love frame [$28.90]

#3. At home large wooden serving bowl [$39.90]

#4. Teri hair towel [$11.90]

#5. Neat fragrances bamboo & grapefruit reed diffuser [$64.00]

#6. Voluspa vermeil set of 5 mini tin candles [$33.50]

#7. Vintage tile comforter & sham set [$104.90]

#8. Barefoot dreams in the wild throw blanket [$119.90]

#9. Chenille throw blanket [$44.90]

NSale 2020 Beauty Sneek Peek

#1. Luxe brush set [$67.00]

#2. Midnight blue single pass 1.25 -inch ceramic curling iron [$107.00]

#3. Single pass 1.25 inch ceramic curling iron [$107.00]

#4. Cura professional digital ionic hair dryer [$155.00]

#5. Thirsty hair oil & leave in conditioner kit [$35.00]

#6. Bond maintenance system set [$84.00]

#7. Full size gold lust dry shampoo & dry texturizing spray set [$64.00]

#8. Skincare full-size DRx spectraLite faceware pro LED Light therapy device set [$384.00]

#9. MAC love me lip kit [$35.00]

#10. MAC eye kit [$45.00]

#11. Double serum set [$178.00]

#12. RIKI skinny lighted mirror [$130.00]

#13. MAC mini lipgloss trio [$20.00]

#14. Pillow talk lip secrets set [$68.00]

NSale 2020 Girls Sneek Peek

#1. Freshman tie dye hoodie [$35.00]

#2. Favorite daughter tee [$26.00]

#3. Ugg fluff yea slide sandal [$65.00]

#4. Freshman tie dye shorts [$35.00]

#5. Tucker & Tate one shoulder ruffled romper [$39.00]

#6. Flutter sleeve jumpsuit [$36.00]

#7. Tucker & Tate halter sundress [$35.00]

#8. Smocked tie sleeve dress [$38.00]

#9. Tiered mesh dress [$38.00]

NSale 2020 Baby Sneek Peek

#1. Nuna RAVA flame retardant free convertible car seat [$374.90]

#2. UPPAbaby vista v2 Stella stroller with bassinet [$727.90]

#3. Ugh classic ll shimmer metallic [$64.90]

#4. Hunter original leopard waterproof rain boot [$34.90]

#5. Nordstrom baby hooded bunting [$29.90]

#6. Nordstrom graphic sweater & pant set [$29.90]

#7. Tucker & Tate cozy fleece jacket [$31.90]

#8. Baby bottle bundle [$39.90]

What are you most excited to shop for during the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale? Let me know in a comment below.

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