Gen Z vs. Millennial: Mom Jeans, BF Jeans or Skinny Jeans || via Target


Okay so recently the Gen Z class (kids born mid-90s to early 2010s) which happens to be my lil dolly. Has declared war (not literal) 😂 on the Millenials (kids born from 1981-1996) which happens to include me. It all started on Tik Tok, which isn’t much a surprise because what issue doesnt stem from Social media, RIIITE?! It Basically portrays that (me) the stereotypical millennial over using the crying face emoji😂😭 (which happens to be cringe worthy to them) loving the word “Doggo” and that we are weirdly obbsessed with Disney, Harry Potter and wine. Also, to top it off we supposedly love wearing side parts and skinny jeans. Now although this portrayal has been present forever ago, I gotta say tho, It is pretty accurate. Minus the usage of the word doggo and obsession with Harry Potter I can proudly say YUP! Im a millennial. I loooove Disney so much, I definately over use this emoji 😭😂 and I love me a good glass of wine! Catch me on a great day and its a bottle 😂😂<—– SEE! Annnnd I most definetly wear me some skinny jeans bwuahahaha!! Which leads me to todays post. I thought it would be fun to do a little try on with boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and my fave skinny jeans to really see which ones looks better and if I would end up actually liking them better. So here it is, my little try on haul from Target. AND my thoughts on everything as well as my dollys, including a lil message for her and the fellow Gen Zs hahaha…

Cami: Target {Wearing M} runs small/size up

Mom Jeans: Target {wearing 6}

Sandals: Kell Parker (use code: tiffany15 for 15% off)

Handbag: Kell Parker (use code: tiffany15)

Cami: Target {wearing M} runs small/size up

BF Jeans: Target {wearing 6}

Sandals: Kell Parker (use code: tiffany15)

Backpack: old but different version Here

Graphic tee: Target {wearing M}

Skinny Jeans: Target {wearing 6}

Sandals: Gucci

Handbag: Gucci

Baseball hat: Pink Lily (use code April15 for 15% off)

Sooooo… While each successor generation pokes fun of the previous one for getting “old”, I have to say getting “old” is pretty amazing. I mean while personally my dolly thinks im the coolest thing since sliced bread! Lets just say I dont loose any sleep about the Gen Zs opinion. Now after trying the mom jeans and BF jeans I do actually like the trend and can see myself branching out a bit moving forward. BUT its the good old skinny jeans that forever hold a place in my heart or should I say forever hold a place on my Bum😂😭😭 (I just cant) besides… This millennial LOVES being old ENOUGH to actually be able to buy my own pair of whatever jeans I want AND designer I desire along with SEVERAL bottles of wine!!! 😂😂😂😭Ohh And this emoji—->😂 is sooo accurate in showing how much I really feel about taking any advice from someone who cant even fund their own life!!! TAKE THAT GEN Z✌🏾😎

Tiara’s up! Xo


How to

How to: 10 ways to remain mindful & thankful during difficult times (Covid/mommy edition)

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil💕

Hey friend, how are you? No really, HOW ARE YOU?? Today I want to take a moment to check in. I know under the current circumstances, especially if you are a mommy with little littles or school age littles it has been extremely difficult & life has been rough with trying to keep a handle on top of school and lord help the woman who still has to work FULL TIME during this trying time. I mean, if it’s not enough already, we have to keep the house clean, well prepared food on the table (3 times a day NOW if you have school age kids at home) & you know if you are preparing 3 meals a day, then you might as well plan on cleaning 3 different dirty dishes per day, PER CHILD for some! And let’s not forget we have to be the teacher now, so we have a billion and two questions to answer every second of the day. We are also the nurse and better be ready to kiss ALL👏🏾OF👏🏾THE👏🏾BOOBOOs at any random moment😂 We are therapist that never get a break and it’s not ever really quiet in the house anymore, Entertaining what seems like heathens now 24-7.😩 We STILL do all the groceries, run all the errands ANNNND have to be the “freak in the sheets” when hubby comes home. I mean I am EXHAUSTED typing this already JEEEZ!!…..

Is this not enough to make any mom go absolutely INSANE!??? Please raise your hand and say I, because personally I can tell you myself, the amount of Hey Mama Rosé I have consumed is unmentionable! 😂😂 Now with that being said there is ALWAYS a whole other side that we as moms sometimes overlook. Naturally each and every one of us are so blessed beyond measure to even bear the title “mother” and sometimes, more often then not when extreme trials, circumstances and situations come our way we quickly forget just how blessed we are.

I personally have fall victim to such and definitely commiserated in the “woe is me attitude” so I recently decided to narrow down 10 of my personal trials/tribulations and turn them into things I can be grateful for and I’m pretty sure if you are a mom who is just trying her best and really loves her littles you can relate:

#1. The Early wake ups just mean you have kids to love

#2. A House to clean just means you have a safe place to live.

#3. Any Laundry to do actually means you have clothes to wear

#4. Dirty dishes just shows you have food to eat

#5. Crumbs under the table mean you are enjoying family meals together

#6. Grocery shopping shows you have money to spend

#7. Toilets to clean means you have indoor plumbing

#8. Lots of noise shows how safe & happy your kids are

#9. Endless questions mean your child is learning

#10. Getting into bed tired & sore means You are STILL ALIVE

When you flip your complaint around boy doesnt it sound like a nice day at Disneyland?! (& I do mean in the oh wow that was totally exhausting, but I definitely enjoyed it and feel blessed to have experienced it type of way) LOL!

I have made it my aim & one of my short term goals to be specifically mindful & grateful of these 10 things on a daily basis. And above all to be genuinely KIND to every one, for we are ALL fighting a battle none of us know anything about.

So I want you to give yourself a pat on the back mama, because you ARE trying your best under the circumstances that we all have been given and your littles are so blessed to have you showing them that life is not only about how you live it but how you view it! So wake up with a new point of view & get thru another day, to teach another lesson and watch & see how happy you are when you realize that you aren’t living a rough life, it’s just been a rough few months. You’ve got this & you will get thru this.

Until next time…

Tiara’s up & wine glasses FULL😉


aDOLLable Mondays

aDOLLable Monday: Cousins forever❤️…

Happy Monday! I know quite a few have messaged me asking where are the girls at? It’s so hard to schedule time to do pics when they BOTH are happy and cooperative 😂 lol. Yet alone make time to create content here. That’s LIFE for you tho. I just smile and laugh. Especially since they both are in school. Things get sooo crazy hectic and busy. But I wanted to give you guys a lil update and let you know how they are doing. They both are great and doing well. lol dolly just finished her school science project where she home made a lava lamp and can I say it was sooo cool. Hubby and I are so proud of all her hard work and determination! She is also excited school is almost out and summer is around the corner. She will be doing dance and swimming classes this summer so she is also excited about that. Anjee mama is doing so well in her preschool class and they recently took pics and they came out great! They recently also just went to Disneyland and had so much fun!! Anjee mama loves copying Lil dolly and is learning so much from her. I think lil dolly is an awesome Lil role model for her. I want to also put Anjee mama in swim for the summer. I can tell it’s gonna be a hot summer so swimming will be loads of fun. 

I also want to thank my very good friend Shelby for shooting these pics. This past weekend my mom, sister, Lil dolly and Anjee mama had our pics taken by Shelby and they came out wonderfully. I absolutely love every one!! Thank you again B, we love you 😘 

I know Labor Day is coming up. Do you guys have any plans? We will probably just hang out by the pool and chill. I hope everyone has a great beginning to their week. Thank you bunches for stopping by, until next time…
Tiara’s Up,