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Happy Saturday!!!! There is going to be a small shift in content. After talking with my social media manager we realized that a significant amount of the requests, comments and questions I get  relates to things like how I manage my time being a mom, wife and entrepreneur, how I’m able to take so much time for self care, or how I’m able to wake up so early. Ive also had so much positive feed back on my weekly newsletter  that includes a health & fitness section that spills all the inside tips/tricks of the fitness industry that I’ve learnt over the 7 years of working with a personal trainer. [make sure you are subscribed]  My goal is always to be the best resource to you as much as possible and to meet the needs of the collective. So when the needs change then I adjust and change right along with them. This doesnt mean I am going to completely stop with my fashion and beauty. It just means I am now buckling down into my niche of being a self-care coach. Which basically means I help you build ways in which you can take care of your personal wellness. By focusing  on different areas outside of health. My basic areas of expertise include physical, permanence, mental, and financial well-being.

Today we are diving into permanence health. Which is a fancy word for time. I know its hard to find the time let alone make the time for yourself whether you are a busy career driven working woman, a new mom, single mother, wife or stay at home mom. Its so easy for us as natural care givers to lack in the department of giving self care to ourselves.

It is soooo necessary tho for us to in a sense come first before our families. Now I know you are probably like omg Tiffany what even are you talking about right??? But hear me out, you ever travel via airplane and right before take off the flight attendant gives you clear instructions that in the event of an emergency you need to make sure you put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before you help anyone else. Why is that? Because you cant help anyone if you are not ok FIRST. Likewise we as woman pretty much do EVERYTHING but then when it comes to ourselves we do absolutely nothing or the bare minimum for ourselves.

I want to break this stigma because trust and believe that used to be me as well. We will save that story for another time tho. I got super burnt out, became depressed, was anxiety stricken and over all lost my complete sense of self. But NOW, I make sure I take care of my most valuable player first…ME! In doing so I have found that motherhood is soooo much more enjoyable. Im not pouring from an empty cup because I make sure my cup is full first.

Now self-care might seem sooo impossible to say a new mother, or single mother or even the every day woman busy with the normal things in life.  However You would be surprised how much time you really do have if you manage it correctly. Over the course of this new segment I will be sharing my personal tips and tricks as to how you can easily give yourself the gift of self care because you deserve it!

Starting with my personal fave… my eyelash extension appt. time will vary based on how you want them to look. I personally love super full looking lashes so I book a volume set which usually takes about 2 hours. What I love doing is getting to my appt about 20-30 min early. Parking and then opening a single glass bottle of Prosecco while I read a chapter of whatever book im currently reading. This may seem weird to some. But trust me time to yourself is still time to yourself.  And you gotta get it in where you can fit it in in my opinion. You can also opt to put the Prosecco in a lil tumbler and take a walk around the area while you enjoy the scenery and reflect. The possibilities are almost endless. The important thing is you having some quality time away from your family and by yourself!

What are some ways in which you can think of to get your self-care in? Let me know in a comment below


Life updates

I’m Quitting!|| Closing this chapter & on to the next!

Final update coming…7.31.2021

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My Favorite Travel Products || Makeup Edition

Click photo to shop LTK

THIS travel makeup bag holds all my must-haves, all stashed in 1 handy bag! When I travel, I typically dont want to wear a full face of makeup let alone full coverage foundation. So I love taking tinted moisturizers or very light to medium coverage foundations to get that I definitely tried look. LOL. Here is a product breakdown of my must have travel essentials needed to create a nice low key, no makeup makeup look…

Shapetape Concealer

Creaseless concealer

Shape tape glow wand

Lights, camera, action 4-N-1 mascara

Breezy cream bronzer

Hydroflex serum foundation

Maracuja tinted moisturizer

Amazonian clay cheek wardrobe blush

Born this way super coverage multi-use concealer

Pro filt’r instant retouch concealer

Gloss bomb universal lip luminizer

Gloss bomb cream color lip cream

Bavkstage glow face pallette

Lip lustre lip gloss

Pillow talk lipstick and liker set

Airbrush flawless finish setting powder

Airbrush flawless setting spray

Shimmer and glow liquid eyeshadow

Translucent setting powder

Chroma crystal top coat

Original beauty blender

Shape tape stay setting spray

Sex kitten liquid liner

DIY detailing brow pen

Essential brush kit

I am putting together a post for my must have travel faves for skincare and other miscellaneous items that I pack. So stay tuned for that!! If you need specific shade names or colors just let me know in the comments below.

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I got lash extensions: How I clean them & take my make up off

SURPRISE!! So I recently got lash extensions, now that I have drastically grown out my lashes with my fave Lash growth serum my lashes are strong enough and long enough to hold lash extensions. Now I’ve had them before and loved how easy and fun they are. They make getting ready so much faster! I used to offer them as a service at my salon and was always asked by clients how to clean and keep them up. Which leaves me to believe that many don’t know how to clean them. If you do get lash extensions obvi your lash tech should tell you how to maintain and clean them. But as a beauty professional myself for many years now I know that by simply explaining something is not the same as showing or actually recommending products. So I thought todays post would be great to tell how I clean them and over all how I take my makeup off with lash extensions on.

First things first, the whole reason why there is a certain way lash extensions should be cleaned is because certain products can break down the adhesive that holds the extension in place faster then others. Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in lash extension adhesives and is considered a polar molecule. Polar molecules are broken down by other polar molecules. So the same can be said about non polar molecules. There are so many cosmetics on the market that contain both but the ones that contain more more polar molecules should be avoided in order to preserve the life of the extension. Makeup that comes in direct contact with your lashes like eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and makeup removers need to be chosen wisely and most definitely should not contain oil that will break down the lash extension adhesive. And if they should contain a slight amount then you should try to keep it away from the eye area. One of my skincare products contain a type of oil so when I apply at night I make sure not to apply any around my entire eye area.

First I take a BILLIE WONDER WIPE to take off most of the makeup. These wipes are soo amazing they are part of my My Holy Grail: Skincare Edition. It is basically like having an entire skincare routine in one single wipe! They are plant based super thick wipes that come soaked in a gentle blend of cleansers that lift makeup, dirt, oil, glitter and everything else. The wipes are infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums. Both very important ingredients to use in your skin care regimen on a regular basis.

Second I take the MAELOVE REFRESHER CLEANSER to clean away any left over makeup. This face wash uses a triple blend of AHAs to thoroughly clean and revitalize skin. Its great too because its formulated for even the most sensitive skin and gentle enough to use multiple times a day. It has a nice peppermint and spearmint smell to it also that is just so revitalizing. I rinse with water then wipe clean with a towel. Then I clean around my eyelids and lash line very carefully removing any dirt or built up residue. (For deep cleaning, which I do once a week I use baby shampoo to clean my lashes)

Third I still apply my DIME BEAUTY LASH SERUM. I do this to keep my natural lashes healthy and strong. This serum is so amazing and is the reason I am able to even wear lash extensions. I grew out my natural lashes in 8 weeks and did a full blog post HERE.

Next I continue with my regular skincare routine. FULL details are listed HERE.

I love this routine and have been using it for several months and will contginue to do so. Im very happy with the way it has changed my skin overall. I always say that its not really what you use its how you use it. So even the lower end skincare will get you results as long as you use it regularly!

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About me

Meet my fur baby: “Shorty” || & a heartfelt tribute to a friend who is dearly missed

Hello and happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend. Today I wanted to share one of many more to come personal posts about myself. I want you guys to learn more about who I am over all as a person, the things I like, love, hate and so on. And I hope I can learn a bit more about you guys as well. Its funny because I was telling my hubby I dont know why I didn’t start with meet my family or meet my hubby 😂😂 NOPE! I am starting with my fur baby! Lololol

They say your pets become your family and there is something so true about that statement that just resonates with me and I’m sure with you as well if you have pets yourself. Like “Shorty” is MY SON. He is my baby. PERIOD! No-one can tell me any different. Technically I have 3 fur babies…. *insert pic of me & all of the fur babies below

From left to right: Nacho, Shorty & Raja

“Shorty” is a Pomeranian who obvi belongs to me. “Nacho” belongs to my daughter and he is a chihuahua/yorkie mix. Raja belongs to my hubby and he is a full bred Doberman. My niece doesnt have a dog because she is just 6 and cant fully take on the responsibility of a puppy yet. We do plan on getting her one when she is older.

I got “Shorty” as an early anniversary present in May of 2019. I had just lost my other Pomeranian “Tiny” whom I had for the most amazing 19 years! I mean im only 35, so we grew up together. He was the best dog and friend anyone could ask for. *insert pics of my beloved “Tiny” boy

After I put “Tiny” down hubby and the kiddos noticed I just wasnt the same and with good reason of course. I remember how my daughters dog “Nacho” clung to me after. I believe he sensed the sadness and wanted to make sure I was ok. And that is exactly why dogs are just so so amazing. So hubby ended up surprising me with a new fur baby to love! Because there is just so much love to go around! I named him “Shorty” lol and the rest is history as they say.

“Shorty” reminds me of “Tiny” in so many ways. I believe its just personality traits of the breed mostly and that’s why I will always have a Pomeranian. They are the best dogs. And my “Shorty” boy has a punch of big personality packed in his lil body lol. He looooves to chill on my lap. Now I just adore this because this is exactly what I wanted…a lap dog. Lol. In the beginning when he was a puppy puppy omg he drove me INSANE! I think its because I was so used to having an older and very much calmer dog. So going from that to a puppy who wants to play 24/7 was a huge transition.

We have definitely learnt more about each other and our friendship has grown into something that I am so very very thankful for today. I would always ask hubby does he know Im his mama? Because he would just go to any and everyone lol again I was used to “Tiny”. It was just him and I growing up so “Tiny” just wanted to be around me and only me. “shorty” was like I love everyone and want to play with everyone 😂 That puppy stage soon left and while he is still so playful I have no doubt now that he knows I am in fact his mama! He follows me everywhere, sleeps right under me and gives me the best goodnight and morning kisses! I cant wait to see how our friendship grows from here. Dogs really are “mans best friend” “tried & true” until the very end.

I think it is so appropriate to end this post with one of my fave last and final pics of my dearly missed “Tiny” boy. I honor him and the friendship we shared every single day. And I am so so thankful for that 19 year friendship. Bringing that same love and sharing it with another amazing dog is what true friendship really means💕 Do you have any pets? If so how many? What are their names? And whats your fave thing about them? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Tiara’s up! Xo


6 steps to a fresh face || My basic morning skincare routine

Good morning! Great afternoon! Good evening! Whenever you should read this, HI!

Today I am sharing my everyday basic skincare routine. Lets keep in mind however, I use and try a lot of products on the daily for work. So I am sharing the basic foundation to my personal every day skin care routine that has not changed or should I say I use these products non stop. I just incorporate the other products I try within this basic routine I’m about to share with you. Jeez! I really hope that wasn’t confusing lol.

You can read about my full night time winter skin routine in detail Here

The first thing I love doing when I wake up is cleansing the face. I put a lot of serums and creams on at night so I make sure I remove any leftover residue, dirt or oil.

STEP 1: Ultra calming cleanser

Then I moisturize. Its super important to restore moisture back into the skin after you have just cleansed and removed any type Of natural oil your skin may have produced in order to protect it. I love using a moisturizer that has an SPF in it.

STEP 2: Hydra visor moisturizer

Next I love using a serum that you can layer over your moisturizer. This particular serum is my absolute fave because it brightens, hydrates, nourishes and provides antioxidant protection to help with premature aging.

STEP 3: Glow maker antioxidant serum

Ive talked about my struggle with under eye bags before. Im forever trying products that help reduce under eye bags and puffiness. This enhancer I have been using for months now and really love it. This serum or gel helps with hydration, textural issues, anti aging, dullness snd puffiness.

STEP 4: Eye enhancer

Next step is to enhance my lashes! I loooove these because they are super light weight and natural looking and yet wispy enough to make a small statement.

STEP 5: Lashes

Last up is my lip mask. Now if you have been reading along in past posts, you might have seen this lip mask amongst my Holy Grail of skin care products. And thats just it. This lip mask, although it is made to go on at night. I wear literally EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Its a total gsme changer. Especially on days where I am just chilling fresh faced and no makeup. I am obsessed with it because it makes my lips feel extra hydrated and supple. Like they are always ready to be kissed! Bwuahahahaha!! Seriously tho. My hubby always kisses me just to get a lil on his lips. Its the sweetest and most hilarious thing.

STEP 6: Lip mask

Until next time…

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Life updates

Goodbye 2020: The year I lost, failed, won, cried & laughed but didn’t fold!

Hiii loves. I know, I know! A blog post on a Thursday?!!😱 Who am I riiite?!! But I had to say and document my goodbye for this year, this little pink & glitter corner of the World Wide Web is technically where I keep all my memoirs right? So let’s begin shall we. 2020!! Man oh man, the things we can say about this year especially as woman. whether you are single, married, newly divorced, widowed, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, rich, poor what have you. No matter what or who you are I think we can all say in the most perfect unison phrase ever heard to mankinds oh so deaf ears that 2020 BASICALLY SUCKED…PERIODT!! (and btw that T was sooo intentional)

I mean its already so very hard to be a woman as it is whether thats in the work place or at home, But the cherry on the top that I personally experienced is owning a business and trying to make the right decision not only for myself but also for my business and my family. It can be very difficult in making decisions under extremely trying circumstances and this whole Covid-19 pandemic was that exact trying circumstance. I started my business as just a mobile nail care service that grew into a small brick and mortar building after a year and a half then grew into a much bigger commercial building after just 1 year!! It was so amazing and life changing you can say. To connect with clients and build relationships and friendships all while providing impeccable service and getting paid was a dream job! A true story of success right?! But with success comes those who think are on your team, who ultimately you learn are not happy for you or supportive of your success. Lines were crossed, bonds were broken and feelings hurt, Mine in particular. But I learnt to grow with the hurt and continue on. Then when I thought oh it cant get any worse then this… BAAM!! A worldwide pandemic hit!!!

The readjusting to your entire life being on pause and lockdown, while still having to very much so live life with little ones and stay on top and keep a happy marriage (of 16 years btw, one of the many things I am proud of in life) is an utterly disturbing and unexplainable experience that I wish on no enemy I dare have. After 6 months of not working and still paying rent I made the decision to put in my 30 day notice and close my business. Not because I had to, but after evaluating what was most important to me, my health, family and time vs. risking getting sick by working on clients and Expensing energy and resources on employees that did not value the support I provided and did not have the same vision for my business as I did. I chose to save my money rather then dish it out on a building that I couldn’t even work or run how I wanted due to Covid. So I began to blog full time. Now blogging is something that I have been doing on and off again for the last few years. I just never had the real time to stay consistant because I worked full time running my business. Making that change literally was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made in my life. Like how am I going to go from making a certain amount that I’m used to making based on a certain amount of clients I take/ employees I have a month, to now not knowing if I will make anything or if people will even click my link or have an actual interest in what I have to say? I mean you gotta have some major cahonies to just quit a very lucrative business/job and go chase a dream out of no where. But in doing so I found that if you dont do “it”, the it being chase your dreams, do what makes you uncomfortable, what makes you scared and frightened so much so that you lose sleep at night, what makes your very soul want to rise and fly, then You are not living. You arent living in the sense that your life has no limitations except the ones you make or set for yourself. .one thing I can say in all honesty tho is if it weren’t for my unwavering faith and the help of my family and amazing husband I just dont know where I would be physically, mentally and spiritually. There is an old African saying that it takes a village and that is so very true. For that I am so beyond thankful.

So here I am half a year later, wife, mother/auntie, daughter, sister, successful salon owner turned homeschool teacher, full time blogger, and risk taker. Living this thing we all call life, one day at a time proving every day that true success isn’t having your name on a building, its not even having a prestigious title or degree because in an instant life and circumstances can change drastically. True success is being able to adapt to change instantly, gracefully and unexpectedly by having a measure of faith and trust in God, and allowing your family to come to your aid when needed because it truly takes a village or tribe to help you along the way! Yes here I am, ready to go into the new year despite the world being in total disarray, stronger and better then ever before. Looking forward to taking whatever life brings, good or bad and strongly relying on my faith and trust in my God. I say to 2021 BRING IT! Feeling forever thankful for this beautiful life that I get to live every day that I am blessed to wake up! Because the way I see it if you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. I share my story and tell you all of that to say this, in life it is inevitable that you are going to lose, you’re going to win, you will most definitely fail, there will be times you laugh and even times you cry but NEVER EVER EVER, for a second fold!

I want to say THANK YOU bunches to each and every one of you that has chosen to be here and subscribe to my blog! Your support means the world and beyond. I truly hope that 2021 brings you love, peace and happiness. I can’t wait to show you all the new ideas and collabs I have coming to the blog. Until next time you guys be safe and take care of yourself!

Tiara’s up,

How to

How to: 10 ways to remain mindful & thankful during difficult times (Covid/mommy edition)

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil💕

Hey friend, how are you? No really, HOW ARE YOU?? Today I want to take a moment to check in. I know under the current circumstances, especially if you are a mommy with little littles or school age littles it has been extremely difficult & life has been rough with trying to keep a handle on top of school and lord help the woman who still has to work FULL TIME during this trying time. I mean, if it’s not enough already, we have to keep the house clean, well prepared food on the table (3 times a day NOW if you have school age kids at home) & you know if you are preparing 3 meals a day, then you might as well plan on cleaning 3 different dirty dishes per day, PER CHILD for some! And let’s not forget we have to be the teacher now, so we have a billion and two questions to answer every second of the day. We are also the nurse and better be ready to kiss ALL👏🏾OF👏🏾THE👏🏾BOOBOOs at any random moment😂 We are therapist that never get a break and it’s not ever really quiet in the house anymore, Entertaining what seems like heathens now 24-7.😩 We STILL do all the groceries, run all the errands ANNNND have to be the “freak in the sheets” when hubby comes home. I mean I am EXHAUSTED typing this already JEEEZ!!…..

Is this not enough to make any mom go absolutely INSANE!??? Please raise your hand and say I, because personally I can tell you myself, the amount of Hey Mama Rosé I have consumed is unmentionable! 😂😂 Now with that being said there is ALWAYS a whole other side that we as moms sometimes overlook. Naturally each and every one of us are so blessed beyond measure to even bear the title “mother” and sometimes, more often then not when extreme trials, circumstances and situations come our way we quickly forget just how blessed we are.

I personally have fall victim to such and definitely commiserated in the “woe is me attitude” so I recently decided to narrow down 10 of my personal trials/tribulations and turn them into things I can be grateful for and I’m pretty sure if you are a mom who is just trying her best and really loves her littles you can relate:

#1. The Early wake ups just mean you have kids to love

#2. A House to clean just means you have a safe place to live.

#3. Any Laundry to do actually means you have clothes to wear

#4. Dirty dishes just shows you have food to eat

#5. Crumbs under the table mean you are enjoying family meals together

#6. Grocery shopping shows you have money to spend

#7. Toilets to clean means you have indoor plumbing

#8. Lots of noise shows how safe & happy your kids are

#9. Endless questions mean your child is learning

#10. Getting into bed tired & sore means You are STILL ALIVE

When you flip your complaint around boy doesnt it sound like a nice day at Disneyland?! (& I do mean in the oh wow that was totally exhausting, but I definitely enjoyed it and feel blessed to have experienced it type of way) LOL!

I have made it my aim & one of my short term goals to be specifically mindful & grateful of these 10 things on a daily basis. And above all to be genuinely KIND to every one, for we are ALL fighting a battle none of us know anything about.

So I want you to give yourself a pat on the back mama, because you ARE trying your best under the circumstances that we all have been given and your littles are so blessed to have you showing them that life is not only about how you live it but how you view it! So wake up with a new point of view & get thru another day, to teach another lesson and watch & see how happy you are when you realize that you aren’t living a rough life, it’s just been a rough few months. You’ve got this & you will get thru this.

Until next time…

Tiara’s up & wine glasses FULL😉


About me

LIFE UPDATE: My dolly turns 9…

While I thought I was teaching you all about life, you were teaching me what life is all about

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today is a bitter sweet day because it is the day that completely changed my life forever in the best possible way. Today is the day my precious baby girl was born 9 years ago. *insert crying emoji* now we don’t celebrate birthdays because we  celebrate life every single day and are truely thankful for each and every day that is given to us. I want to teach my dolly that it isn’t about the day you were born thats of importance, because the day you were born you were just a baby, with a clean slate. You hadn’t accomplished anything yet, you don’t know what type of person you will become. It’s not until the day of your death is when you truly know what type of person someone is. I want her to know what’s important is the time in between the day you are born and the day you die. Because life is such a precious gift and we are not promised tomorrow, every single day that is given to us, That is what should be celebrated. The goals,the accomplishments, and setbacks in which make her the perfect lil dolly that I love so much is what we acknowledge every day of her life. As I look back on what an amazing lil girl she has become I can do nothing but smile in admiration and be so incredibly proud. She has the kindest heart, the sweetest disposition and the bravest lil spirit. She is so giving and has taught me so much over her 9 big years. She has helped me realize things about myself I never knew. And above all else has made me into such a better person then I was before. Thru her eyes I see a better everything and endless possibilities and I just want her to know that she has every opportunity to spread her wings and be exactly who she wants to be. I want her to know that it’s ok to never grow up, to dance like no ones watching, to have tea parties and BELIEVE. I want her to believe in the magic of imagination and to remember that a book and imagination can take you absolutely anywhere. I want her to know tht there truly is happiness in giving then there is in receiving. And most of all I want her to love, love with all her heart, feel with every emotion, be sad and hurt when she hurts, be overly happy when she’s happy, laugh until her belly aches and DREAM! Dream so big that her dreams scare her and never stop believing in herself. These are the things I want to teach and celebrate with her her every single day and not to focus on ONE day that really focuses on the “what did you get me for my birthday” type of spirit. Teaching her and being her mother has been the highest honor I have ever received and I am forever blessed and thankful for the gift of motherhood❤️

Yes my dolly is an amazing and special lil girl that has become my bestest and closest friend.  I only hope that:

She looks back one day, and remembers a mother who made the time to play, for there will be lots of time later for cleaning and cooking because children grow up fast when parents aren’t looking.

Thanks so much for stopping by, as always…

Tiara’s up,