Bombas review || Holiday gift guide idea: the gift that keeps giving!

Ok so I know everyone and their mama is currently on the hunt for different gift ideas right now in search for that perfect gift. Well look no further because this gift is quite literally the gift that will keep giving right after you purchase it.

I, like Everyone else that is a part of the human race can not deny that receiving a good gift is amazing! Right now it is gift season, a lot of people have the questions: what am I getting? or what am I going to give this season? Now, if you are fortunate enough to even be able to ask these 2 simple questions, then count your blessings because there are many who aren’t afforded this basic and extremely looked over luxury.

An estimate of 555,742 people to be exact, aren’t able to ask what am I giving this year? let alone ask what am I going to get?! This vast number represents the thousands and thousands of people who experience homelessness on a given night. That is about 17 people per every 10,000 people in the general population to put it into perspective!

Now, although no 1 person can solely change these unfortunate statistics by themselves. What we all can partake in is educating ourselves in things that really matter. My family and I do this throughout the year. However, I know people are extra giving this time of year, so I thought I could shed some light on a company that a dear friend told me about after having the conversation regarding giving back.

Upon doing some research I discovered that regardless of gender & ethnicity, among the top priority items that many shelters are in need of are new socks! Especially for homeless hospital patients when they are discharged. I can’t even imagine a time where I would ever need to worry about where I was going to get socks from and yet, this is the reality for so so many.

I am extremely happy & proud to be shedding light on Bombas today because as a company they set out to donate a pair of brand new socks or a shirt for every pair that is purchased. So far they have donated over 30 million different pieces of clothing. I personally purchased my Bombas and immediately loved them when I put them on. They are very well made, nice, thick and extremely comfortable! They come in the cutest designs for the entire family and you help someone who can’t help themselves at the moment. How amazing it would be to give a gift and know that it keeps on giving?!!

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