Brand Review: KellParker || & the cutest designer inspired sandals for spring

Hi loves!! Happy Tuesday! I am so excited about this item I received yesterday that I had to write a post about ASAP!!

KellParker is a brand of 3 long time friends who love fashion and want to curate the fashion experience to YOU, ME & EVERYONE! They always put fashion first, which for me as a blogger who looks for the latest trends and deals says sooo much! They also are working moms and like me, in addition to many of the woman in the world change the narrative that we as woman can be great mothers, run a household, AND follow our dreams!! I mean is their anything else not to like about this brand?!?

Now let me just be 100% transparent and completely honest. The designer inspired sandals upon which this post is focused on #1 were gifted to me. (Thank you Kellparker!) #2 this is NOT a sponsored post so I was not obligated to write this post. I genuinely love this brand and wanted to share. #3 I have purchased two other pieces from this brand before this gifting and #4 I really do love this brand, what they stand for, the quality of their products and highly highly recommend checking them out!

Okay now that full disclosures have been mentioned, lets get into this review:

Click pic to shop!

First off I notice how amazingly similar these sandals are to the designer ones!! [side-note there is a full difference in designer inspired dupes and knock off replicas or counterfeit items & I wrote a blog post regarding that Here] These sandals are made out of faux leather and comes in the color tan, which basically goes with EVERYTHING! The look, feel and quality are soooo comparable its scary. The inspired pair actually feel a bit softer to me. I also notice how the inspired pair is a tad bit thinner in width on the sole of the shoe when compared to the designer pair.

The bottom of the sole is very durable and thick, yet comfortable when you stand and walk in. These sandals do run true to size as I am wearing my normal size 9. One thing I was worried about was the in between the toe area being uncomfortable as a lot of look for less sandals tend to irritate you here. However Kellparker has perfectly executed the covetousness of wanting the look for less while it still being of excellent quality I believe in my opinion. This brand should definitely be on our radar for the future. I see nothing but amazing pieces and continuous growth for this upcoming & young company!

Here are a couple other pieces that I have purchased and love!

These leopard and studded sneakers that give you the perfect look for less to the famous and yet crazy expensive golden goose sneakers. The quality is amazing and they are super comfortable. They run true to size.

Then I have These vegan chain mules that are just the cutest things! They give you that designer and trendy fashion look without breaking your bank account. These also run true to size and fit comfortably.

Below are my top picks! You can click on the pic to check out this amazing store. You will thank me later😉

Like I said before this trio of friends is doing it right! I totally look forward to seeing what this brand does in the future and cant wait to see more amazing pieces from them!

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#Ootd: Fall fashion ||My fave pair of denim jeans

O U T F I T D E T A I L S:

TURTLENECK: Pink Lily (use code:September15 for 15% off)

TRENCH-COAT: no longer available but similar Here

JEANS: Express {wearing 29} these are just so good! Extremely comfy snd run tts. (Also featured Here)

MULES: old but similar here


HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton

This entire outfit is hands down one of my favorite fall fashion staple outfits! A long jacket over a turtle neck, some jeans and a pair of flats or mules. It’s soo sophisticated, classy and yet so basic hahaha!

Anywho. I hope you all are having a great start to your week. You know, There is something so promising about a brand new week. It signifies the possibilities of new opportunities, new goals and a fresh new start! No matter how crazy everything around you might get, you have the power in you to begin a new venture, start a new hobby, increase/expand your knowledge or start that project you have been putting off. Oh yes, the beginning of a new week means a new day and each day anything is possible! So I hope you make today count more so then the last and as if there won’t be a next, because you will always be exactly where you are if you don’t simply start!



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How to

1 thing every bossbabe needs right NOW!

Happy Friday guys! Hope this week has been productive and above all I hope you all have been staying safe.

I get asked a lot how I stay organized, motivated and on task and if you follow me on Instagram you know I have shared bunches of times my love and passion for Passion Planner! So much so that I am happy to announce I am now a proud brand ambassador! Yay me🙌🏾 lol.

If you are a mom, student, wife, every day working girl or bossbabe in general then you feel me when I say we HAVE to write every single thing down because we have so much to do that cannot be left undone. So because of that I am a super avid calendar user. And now being a blogger and working with different brands, creating content that needs to be published on certain days and timelines, I definitely need to make sure EVERYTHING is well planned and written out. So I don’t miss anything.

Here are some of my calendars I’ve used over the years & YES! I keep them ALL!…

I started planning & keeping a calendar back in high school. I was homeschooled & I took a lot of extra college courses early which I was solely responsible to stay on task for, so that’s where the planning & calendar keeping came in. And like I said, I literally keep all of my calendars! They are like my diaries and each day I write something exciting that may have happened like: I went here or did this with my mom. Did this with Hubby, took the kids to Disney. Something to just remind me of what I was doing, feeling, or going through on that day.

Before I would just go to like target or hobby lobby and pick up just any calendar to write down my schedule for work, for school and it worked ok BUT as I started to become a grown woman, got married, had a child, ran a business. That schedule started changing or I should say growing, LOL. I realized I needed something more then a small piece of paper with dates where you can “jot” down a few things. I remember talking to a friend about it (hey Devin) and she recommended passion planner to me and I have been using one ever since! This is the 3rd year in a row now that I’ve been using passion planner and I absolutely love it! They are amazing because they have a small, medium and a large option so you use whichever one suits your lifestyle. They even have a whole planner dedicated to just students and planning their education schedule that starts and ends according to the school academic year which is awesome, my dolly has one and loves hers.

What I like most about passion planner is every single month they have this space where you can do like a monthly reflection and it asks you questions like how are you different between this past month and the month before and what or who are you especially grateful for this past month? Which are great self reflection questions. PLUS you have access to FREE online downloads of inserts for your planner in full PDFs to track goals, habits and more!

They also have the space of infinite possibility where you can put whatever you want, I like to do quotes just to keep it cute and girly. And I saved the best for last… the best thing about them is that when you buy one, you not only invest in yourself but you give one as well, which empowers another thru schools, organizations and individuals! I highly highly recommend passion planner. I absolutely LOOVE mine. What’s that saying? Failing to plan is like planning to fail! You’ve got a goal you wanna crush, a dream you want to make a reality, a business you want to start? Or a crazy busy life that you need help keeping organized? Then this planner will help you plan your passion and execute your vision! I have an exclusive discount code just for you guys that will get you 10% off your order by using my code:tiffany10 when you click HERE

Thanks for stopping by guys, happy planning and…

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