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Buying Presents for Dad? Check Out These Top Popular Gifts || Amazon Gift ideas for men

Whiskey glass set of two

Im not old im classic funny car graphic tee // I got this tee for hubby as an anniversary gift! He loved it!

Engravable pocket knife

Fossil mens stainless steel quartz watch

Beard grooming kit// Also got this for hubby as an anniversary gift!

Mens slim wallet with money clip

Small hammer multi tool

Toilet timer

Laser engraved cutting board

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gift guide

Mother’s day gift guide:2021 || Via Nordstrom

#1.Nursing robe

#2. Proud mama graphic tee

#3. Mama charm bracelet

#4. Pure slik pilliw case

#5. Super sonic hair dryer

#6. Pill box

#7. Convertible diaper backpack

#8. Jersey pajamas

#9. Body creme

#10. Rosé eye gels

#11. Bed of roses nail polish set

#1. Prosecco rose oil diffuser

#2. Proud mama graphic tee

#3. Mug warmer/ charger

#4. Rose quartz coaster

#5. Wine chiller

#6. Short pajamas

#7. Electric kettle

#8. Pan set

#9. Barefoot dreams blanket

#10. House Slippers

#1. Pony flo stretch cap

#2. Weighted bangle set

#3. SPF drops

#4. Work out Tank top

#5. Padded sports bra

#6. Bike shorts

#7. Water tumbler

#8. Adidas sneakers

#9. Nike sneakers

#10. Kinetic lace sneakers

#1. Long wear nail color

#2. Leather crossbody bag

#3. Chronograph watch head

#4. Gucci bloom perfume

#5. Super sonic hair dryer gift set

#6. Valentino perfume

#7. Flowerbomb perfume

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Ipsy Unboxing: February

Happy Monday loves. I hope you are off to a great start to your week! If you follow me on Instagram then you know that Unfortunately I am writing this blog post from my in-laws home in Tecate, Mexico for the funeral of my hubby’s grandmother. It’s always so tough to lose a loved one in death and even tho I have personally lost so many of my loved ones in death it never gets any easier. I do appreciate all of you who reached out via DM, text and email with all your sweet and beautiful condolences. We appreciate it so so much.

Anywho, today I want to talk about allll the amazing goodies that I received from Ipsy this month!! If you have never heard of Ipsy and don’t know what I’m talking about check out this blog post Here. Today I will be highlighting all my fave products that I am just dying to try. So lets begin shall we?!!!

I cant wait to try this!! Now if you follow me on Instagram @thisdollhere you know I looove me a Billie razor! It has the cleanest and closest shave I have ever had so it will be nice to have another option on hand. I will definitely report back with my thoughts.

This brush has so many amazing reviews and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every blogger and there mother use and speak highly of it as well. Its supposed to be a skincare infused brush head so that is super interesting and I cant wait see if there is a difference when I use it. You can check it out and purchase yours Here

Ok so this is a universal C Skin Refiner good for all skin types and its supposed to improves skin smoothness and radiance. Now I dont know about you but I need and want allll of the smooth and radiant skincare to use! LOL So I cant wait to try this out for a few weeks and see if there is any differences!

I really love Ipsy and their monthly glam bags! Its such a great way to try the most popular and high end brands without paying that popular and high end price! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out. I highly highly recommend. You will not regret it!

Until next time,

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Worth the hype or not: Barefoot Dreams blanket edition || & an amazing dupe

Happy Monday friends! Today I want to put into question what all the fuss is about over the ever so popular Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams blanket. For years now this blanket has been the most sought after, celebrity endorsing, blogger approved, rarely goes on sale but always sold out, not even cheaper on Amazon blanket that I personally have ever heard of… WHY???

Well as far as I went back on researching this I came to find out that this blanket was actually made popular by the Kardashians. Particularly Khloe Kardashian. She would be seen carrying the blanket in question alllll the time. In multiple scenes and pics. I don’t know if she was sponsored to or not but what I do know is that by looking at all the pics and videos it was all back when the Kardashians DID NOT look like the Kardashians that we know and see today. So that tells you without telling you lol😜

The blanket has also been approved by other celebrities like Christy Tiegen & Jennifer Garner just to name a few. But why is this blanket sooooo freakin popular when it’s just made of polyester??? Is it really worth all the hype? What is a good dupe for it?

Well of course I got the blanket from Nordstrom since I can’t give my real and honest review on it without actually having it. Personally I have used This blanket that my hubby legit fights me for (even tho it’s mine) for years now and it is the coziest most comfy and soft double Sherpa blanket that I literally take with me everywhere! It has been part of my holy grail for a while now & I was pretty happy with it and was not on the hunt for a replacement. Now with that being said, this is my job to try products and clothing items and in turn give my honest review and if along the way of trying those items I love it then they make the “holy grail” list. Just to give a lil clarity. I’m disclosing that because I will be comparing my current holy grail/fave blanket from VS Pink with the blanket in question BFDs along with the dupe option I’ve chosen from Pink Lily!

Ok so let’s start with a few specs of the blankets:

  • How big are the blankets:

BFDs- 54″ x 72″

VS Pink- 50″ x 60″

Pink Lily- 70″ x 44″

  • What are the blankets made of:

BFDs- 100% polyester microfiber

VS Pink- double sided Sherpa

Pink Lily – faux fur/ polyester

    How much are the blankets:
  • BFDs- $180.00
  • VS Pink- $59.95
  • Pink Lily- $94.00
    • Do they come in a variety of colors:

    BFDs- yes!

    VS Pink- No

    Pink Lily- yes!

    • How do they look:


    Click pic to shop!

    VS Pink-

    Click pic to shop!

    Pink Lily-

    Click pic to shop!

    Ok so here’s what you came here for… my thoughts on the BFDs blanket is this: I can definitely see why and how everyone snd their mother really likes the blanket. Over all it is amazingly soft, It feels exactly like the Bare foot dreams cardigan (if you already have one for reference) all the designs are super cute and they have quite a bit to choose from! Honestly all 3 blankets feel pretty much the same. The only difference besides the size and physical appearance of the 3 were that the BFDs was literally a smidge bit thicker. I’m thinking of doing a fun lil test later today on my insta stories to see which blanket feels the best while blind folded that include hubby, Dolly , Anjee mama & my mommy dearest and see their picks! Follow me on Instagram Here to check it out!

    So my final thoughts on this overly coveted blanket is- Yes! It is super trendy but NO it is not worth the hype nor the high end price tag! Now please don’t get me wrong I do love the blanket a lot! So much so I am now using it as my permanent blanket. And if you are a person who doesn’t mind dropping 2 bills for a blanket and you really want to then yes! Do what makes you happy, especially if you can afford it. I can tell you won’t be disappointed. However there is absolutely no way that I would spend that much for a blanket outside of this review. So, If you are a person who loves a good dupe then the below blankets are perfect for you! They feel almost identical to the BFDs one but are a much reasonable price tag. Also hubby is obsessed with it. He ended up claiming for himself LOL! While Dolly took over my VS Pink one.

    Some of the options are actually on sale right now so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage. Click any pic to shop item:

    Here is another dupe option (also on sale) that I have not personally tried but have heard good things about. This was definitely fun to do above anything else. Looking forward to doing many more reviews. If you have a specific thing you would like me to review pleas let me know below! Until next time…

    Tiara’s up,


    Shop Small Business Feature: Great Shirt Shop & Daleyzabowtique22

    Hi friends! Today I wanted to introduce another new segment to my blog where I highlight and feature a small business on Etsy! With this pandemic still going and soooo many businesses struggling and closing which means employees losing their jobs and their means to provide for their family. I know what it can be like to close your business and venture out to the next thing. So I thought I would show my support the best way I can by shopping small on a regular basis. I am so thankful I can do so and I think it would be a great addition to the blog. First up is a shop I found that has great reviews! Of course as soon as I saw their designer inspired sweatshirt I thought how stinkin cute?!!! I love that they have both a shirt and a sweatshirt option. Here are all of my picks from them! Oh and my designer inspired headbands are from Daleyzabowtique22 she has the cutest head pieces for you and your mini!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    Click pic to shop!

    I really love Etsy because it is literally the biggest and most amazing platform for independent sellers! If you can think it, it’s on Etsy. Show your support to a small independent business today! You can look thru all the millions of one of a kind shops Here.

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    December Sephora Haul || Gift guide/ideas for the beauty lover!

    {Shop my complete outfit above Here!}

    Happy Monday!! The time for shopping for gifts is slowly coming to an end soon. So I included 2 different gift ideas in this months Sephora haul! Now I love a good gift set just as the next person does. But these 2 gift sets in particular, are some pretty good ones because they happen to be staple product pieces any and every beauty lover should have in their makeup collection! This includes a bold red lipstick, a good nude lipstick and some good bronzer and highlighter!! Now since these are gift sets and come with MULTIPLE red & nude lipsticks, I feel you can play around with different looks. Same goes for the bronzer and highlighter. I definitely can’t wait to create a sassy/sexy little moment! (anytime I wear a red/nude lip I feel either of the two) LOL! Anywho I think it would be a fun idea to include pictures of me wearing each different color lipstick for reference when I do my Sephora faves post at the end of the month. What do you think of this idea? Let me know.

    1. Give me more lip holiday reds and nudes lipstick set

    2. Baby, let’s glow outside bronzer & highlighter set

    3. #FauxFilter skin finish buildable coverage foundation

    4. Mini Orgasm Blush

    5. Backstage glow face palette

    P.s. the new Pink Lily collection is LIVE! Click pic below to shop! Remember to use code: DECEMBER15 to save 15% off!

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    How to

    LTK 411 & How to: Free sign up/access

    Ok so as if there isn’t already sooo many great deals out there… BUT WAIT! THERES MORE!! Lolol. I want to talk about this lil gem of an app that a lot of people have slept on. I’m talking about the LTK app. Short for is the easiest way to shop looks styled by your favorite influencers, wearing your favorite brands simply by just taking a screenshot or liking a pic. You can Find exactly what you’re looking for from wedding guest dresses, ankle boots, and trench coats to faux leather jackets and leopard slip skirts! How freakin amazing is that riiite!!??

    It’s like the ultimate shopping experience where you literally do not have to leave your house and since we are in the middle of a pandemic I say it can’t get any better then that! Think of it as the biggest window to window shop since there are over 5,000 different retailers that are available to you. Some include Target, Sephora, Revolve, Gucci, Nordstrom, Abercrombie & Fitch and soo many more.

    The best thing about the app is it’s totally FREE! You can browse forever and still won’t be obligated to purchase anything. You can also favorite a post you really like and come back to it or even make different collections… think Pinterest but better! It’s the most simple yet efficient way to shop!

    Throughout the year LTK hosts these amazing sales that literally you don’t see any where else. So these major deals are exclusive to INSIDE the app only! You definitely want to Make sure you download the app so you can take advantage of these amazing deals you don’t want to miss. (Apple users click Here and Android users click Here)

    You can follow me in the app Here


    You can always screenshot a pic that you’re interested in and you will receive all the details via email to shop later if you are short on time as well. (Again this ONLY works once the app is installed)

    Now that you got the app downloaded, you’re ready to shop! I hope I was able to give some insight on this amazing shopping platform. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below or you can email me! Whether you’re shopping for pj sets and home decor, the wellness guru, or your kids, the LTK app is where you’re sure to find the perfect item or gift for everyone on your list including YOU!!

    P.s. You’ll thank me later! Xo


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    sale alert

    Black Friday deals: 2020

    Hi friends!! Happy Saturday!! Here is an updated sale list of all my fave retailers that have Black Friday sales going on currently!! I want to always be a great resource to come and find great deals that save you money. After going thru the sales I can honestly say the deals are sooo good!!

    G E N E R A L | S T O R E S

    Amazon Black Friday deals/ gifts for everyone

    Kohls– take an extra 20% off with code:YOUGET20

    JEWELRY SAVINGS: take an extra 20% off with code:SPARKLE20

    WATCHES SAVINGS: take an extra 10% off with code:WATCHES10

    Target – Save up to 50% off tech, select games, toys and puzzles. Includes video games, kitchen & dining

    Walmart -$70 off select TVs, up to 30% off home + 60% off fashion

    F A S H I O N | D E A L S

    Abercrombie – 40% off entire store

    Adidas – up to 50% off of bunches of items for the entire family from now until 11/28

    Hoodies under $40, pants under $45, sneakers under $100 & gifts under $30

    Aeropostale – 60-70% off everything + holla-busters & free shipping

    Alo– up to 70% off sale and 20% off new arrivals. Valid 11/24-12/1

    American Eagle– 40% off plus FREE shipping! Valid thru 11/28

    Take 39% off ALL jeans PLUS cozy gifts fir $24.99

    Banana Republic – 50% off everything until 11/28

    Express– 50% off sitewide and shop doorbuster starting with $15 +leggings, $25+ sweaters & more until 11/29

    Fashionphile– up to 30% off bags

    H&M– up to 50% off everything

    Macy’s– 20% off with code:BLKFRI from now until 11/28

    Michael Kors– 25% off full price items + up to 70% off sale

    Nordstrom – up to 50% from now until 12/1

    Old Navy– 50% off everything

    Quay Australia -Buy 1 get 1 free & 3 for the price of 1 deals! While supplies last!

    Tory Burch– 30% off orders of $250+ with code:THANKS. From now until 11/30 + 60% off sale

    B E A U T Y | D E A L S

    Charlotte Tilbury – 50% off select items + free shipping sitewide

    It cosmetics– 30% off sitewide with code:CELEBRATE

    Tarte– 30% off sitewide + 50% off holiday steals with code:CYBER

    Too Faced– 30% off sitewide + free shipping

    Ulta -50% off while supplies last until 11/28

    I hope this post was helpful in guiding you to some great sales going on. Again, I want to be a great resource when you’re looking for a great deal. I will be updating the sales as they happen!

    P.s. You can take 30% off the doorbusters tab + free shipping on orders $75 & up at Pink Lily Click the pic below to shop!

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    Bombas review || Holiday gift guide idea: the gift that keeps giving!

    Ok so I know everyone and their mama is currently on the hunt for different gift ideas right now in search for that perfect gift. Well look no further because this gift is quite literally the gift that will keep giving right after you purchase it.

    I, like Everyone else that is a part of the human race can not deny that receiving a good gift is amazing! Right now it is gift season, a lot of people have the questions: what am I getting? or what am I going to give this season? Now, if you are fortunate enough to even be able to ask these 2 simple questions, then count your blessings because there are many who aren’t afforded this basic and extremely looked over luxury.

    An estimate of 555,742 people to be exact, aren’t able to ask what am I giving this year? let alone ask what am I going to get?! This vast number represents the thousands and thousands of people who experience homelessness on a given night. That is about 17 people per every 10,000 people in the general population to put it into perspective!

    Now, although no 1 person can solely change these unfortunate statistics by themselves. What we all can partake in is educating ourselves in things that really matter. My family and I do this throughout the year. However, I know people are extra giving this time of year, so I thought I could shed some light on a company that a dear friend told me about after having the conversation regarding giving back.

    Upon doing some research I discovered that regardless of gender & ethnicity, among the top priority items that many shelters are in need of are new socks! Especially for homeless hospital patients when they are discharged. I can’t even imagine a time where I would ever need to worry about where I was going to get socks from and yet, this is the reality for so so many.

    I am extremely happy & proud to be shedding light on Bombas today because as a company they set out to donate a pair of brand new socks or a shirt for every pair that is purchased. So far they have donated over 30 million different pieces of clothing. I personally purchased my Bombas and immediately loved them when I put them on. They are very well made, nice, thick and extremely comfortable! They come in the cutest designs for the entire family and you help someone who can’t help themselves at the moment. How amazing it would be to give a gift and know that it keeps on giving?!!

    To shop their entire website click Here

    Tiaras up,