My Fall/Winter skincare routine: Dime Beauty brand review

Happy first Tuesday of October! We have 3 more months left in this month OMGG! Its so crazy, this year will be over before we know it. Now that fall is in full gear I wanted to try some new skin care products. As the seasons change the weather changes right along with it and the fall/winter months tend to be so much dryer and colder. Which means the moisture in our skin is super depleted.

I typically stick to my same skin care regimen as I am a firm believer in if it isnt broke then dont fix it. However I know that to do my job more efficiently I need to try different products so that I can be able to give my honest opinion on products. So what I decided to do was do some research on what my skin needs at my age along with the ingredients that were in my past skincare and seach different skincare products that had the same or similar.

That brought me to the attention of Dime beauty. Now if you are new here, I do have a preexisting relationship with Dime beauty because back in the beginning of the year I tried their lash serum and really loved it. I was able to grow my lashes out over the course of 8 weeks, and still to this day use the serum to keep my lashes strong so that they can hold my lash extentions. I wrote a full blog post on how I grew my lashes, I will link here.

So with that being said one day I was ordering more lash serum and looked at their skin care line. I turned my attention to all of their ingredients and the fact that they are an all clean beauty brand whose goal is to provide great quality beauty products at affordable prices really spoke to me. So I deciced to purchase and try. I started using the Dime beauty “The works” bundle skincare set September 1st all the way thru Septmember 30th. And this is my review…

The Works skincare bundle is really the perfect all-in-one skincare bundle! It includes both your morning and night routine. So you get all your skin needs in one whole line. It consist of 6 different products. And first off all of their products are vegan and cruelty free and rated 1 on EWG. Super impressive!


1. Gentle Jelly Cleanser – OK so I love this cleanser because it’s so gentle yet it cleans very well. And with its detoxifying and skin soothing ingredients and mix together, it makes the perfect blend. I noticed my skin felt super soft as far as texture after week 1 and I love the fact that it protects the skin from damage that’s caused by all of the environmental stressors.


2. Super Skin Toner- OK I really love this toner because it supports in the fighting of loss of the Q10’s which is  a natural nutrient that’s found in our bodies called coenzymes and as we get older we lose it more and more so this helps in supporting to fight that  while also helping maintain a healthy pH balance in the skin .


3. Hyper Glow- when I first looked up the ingredients for this serum I was blown away. This is an antioxidant powerhouse it has 20% vitamin C and it’s super charged with ferulic acid, sweet orange extract, magnolia bark extract, and grapeseed extract which increases its free radical fighting capabilities. It also is enriched with vitamin E which helps boost natural defense against damaging oxidation caused by pollution. So those ingredients altogether are absolutely amazing but when they are added  all together they create a power serum that works on multiple levels to ensure beautiful skin. I noticed my skin looking so much brighter and firmer and more supple within week two and three which was absolutely amazing for me.


4. Hyaluronic Acid Serum- I’ve talked so much about the necessary benefits to using hyaluronic acid. It has geo- mimic properties that basically double the amount of moisture by 1000 delivering intense hydration where it’s most needed literally upon application. If there is any product that is going to be in my skin care regimen it’s definitely going to be Hyaluronic Acid! It is a holy grail.


5. Restorative Night Cream- This has got to be my favorite nighttime cream because it’s Enriched with hydrating supplements that literally reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and pores so you go to bed and then wake up with glowing, smooth and supple skin. I loved how hydrated and moisturized my skin felt.


6. Dewy Day Cream- This day cream basically uses the skin with a multi layered moisture system that contains moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients to ensure the skin remains hydrated and balanced to prevent signs of aging. I really like how as soon as I put it on my face it immediately sinks in and it’s not sitting there so you know all of the goodness  is getting into your pores and immediately you see the improvement in the appearance of the skin.  It also helps to promote collagen and elastin growth which deteriorates with age over time.

I would say that within these last 30 days I have definitely seen the key benefits and the lasting results of using this skin care bundle and I actually really like it and find it to be very beneficial especially given that I’m 35 years old so obviously not too old but old enough to really be paying attention to really good skin care and skin care that is going to be aimed for helping and nurture maturing skin. You are never too old or too young to start skin care and the younger the better I always say, even my daughter, I am pushing quality skin care right now, she has a full skin care regimen that she follows and she will find out as she gets older she will see the key benefits of her starting young and taking care of her skin.

Now as I said earlier I have used their eyelash serum and it was amazing it literally grew my lashes in 8 weeks and I continue to use it every single day to ensure that my natural lashes are strong enough to withhold my lash extensions. So with working with them on  previous projects I’ve come to love, I have already a pre-existing discount code you can use to save you 25% off of the entire bundle or any single product sitewide. Just type in thisdollhere25 and it will be applied at checkout!

What are some things that are a must have in your skin care? Let me know below!



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Fall Skincare: DIY at home Hydra Facial


Ok so if you think you have been hearing more about self-care now, you are right. One indicator according to Google Trends, the number of searches for self-care has more then doubled since 2015. We are dealing with an epidempic of anxiety and depression and everyone feels it. However self-care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors. The stress of work life, home life and the stress with trying to keep up with the pace of daily life which technology has hastened more then ever.

People are feeling lonelier and less able to unwind and slow down which contributes to feelings of anxiousness and loss of control when doing even the most simplest of task. But with self-care, it encourages self-improvement, promotes rest and relaxation, which benefits your over all health and wellness. It also promotes healthier relationships and when our self-esteem and self-awareness improves it has a very positive effect on our overall mindset.

This is exactly why I think it is important to make self-care a real priority in your every day life. I recently got a Hydra facial treatment done at The Powder Room in Bixby Knolls/Long Beach area. Devin my facialist who is absolutely a miricle worker performed the service and was very knowleable and informative. She explained that a Hydra Facial is a facial treatment using a patented device to deliver exfoliation, cleansing, extraction, and hydration to the face. This system uses a vortex swirling action to deliver hydration and to remove dead skin, dirt, debris, and impurities while cleansing and soothing your skin. Best thing about it is there is no down time and the results are immediate.

Now I am not going to lie, a hydra facial can be considered a splurge for some people. It all depends on what is important to you. My personal wellness is super important to me as it keeps me centered, feeling complete and fulfilled as I feel I have personal time with myself and that makes me feel amazing. So much so it helps me be a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. And I cant put a price on that. However I know it can be a bit over budget so you know ya doll has got you covered. Here are all the things needed to do your very own at home DIY hydra Facial.


  • Oil cleanser/ makeup remover/ face wipes  | I use this cleanser, and these face wipes
  • Foam Cleanser | I use this foam cleanser
  • Physical exfoliation tool like a konjac sponge, peel-off mask, clarisonic or scrub  | This konjac sponge has over 1000 reviews on Amazon  | I love this glycolic peel mask

Beta Hydroxy Acid product  |  love this

Alpha Hydroxy Acid product  |  these are sooo bomb

  • Pore Vaccumm (optional)  |  this one is super affordable and has over 11,000 reviews
  • Hydrating watery lotion  |  this one is really good. I love their products.
  • Peptide Serum  |  looking at the ingredients I’d recc this
  • Sheet Mask  |  these work very well and are super affordable
  • Vaseline/Silicone Cream  | highly recc this its one of my faves.



  • Remove makeup w/ oil based cleanser or make up removing wipe
  • Deep cleanse by using your foam cleanser right on top of the oil based cleanser. Wash a little longer in this step to ensure you really get everything.
  • Exfoliate. The key to copying the hydrafacial is exfoliating with light and repetitive strokes. That way you slough off any dead skin. Dont forget the bridge of your nose, corners of the forehead and cleft in your chin. Rinse lightly and pat dry with your hands.
  • Exfoliate Chemically. Take the AHA/BHA product and layer each on top of the other. Let sit for about 5 minutes or as directed on packaging.
  • Exfoliate Physically. Now we need to take away all the nasty stuff that was just freed from the chemical exfoliant. Gently revisit the entire face with the tool or product this will loosen any lasting cells to to come loose. Rinse thouroughly and pat dry with a towel.
  • Extractions. Get in there and carefully check skin for any congestion that is READY to be removed. If you have a vaccum head extractor you can use that.
  • Hydrate. This is the most important step. I mean it is included in the facial name. So you cant half do this step because the new skin needs to be moisturized and hydrated to keep that new glow that you see so put your moisturizer on then use your peptide-filled serum to recreate the claimed benefits of the original Hydrafacial which is anti-aging and regeneration. Next take the sheet mask so your skin can really marinate in all of the yummy goodness sort to speak. Finally after you have peeled off the sheet mask, take the silicone cream or a pea sized amount of vaseline (trust me its not as scary as it seems) to lock in the moisture since its a a waterproof barrier.

Waa-Laa! The results are literally out of this world amazing! And you will find that not only does your skin look amazing it feels amazing too! And you know what I always say… when you look good you feel great!!!



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