#Fall Fashion haul via Target

Itsssss the beginning of all things fall very soon and let me just tell you I am sooo excited! Fall and Summer are my fave seasons. Although it still feels like summer here in Cali, when we finally do start getting fall weather I want to be locked loaded and ready! I am also working on a post that tells you what basic staple items you for sure NEED in your fall wardrobe!

One thing I just love about Target is how affordable they are yet they have high quality pieces. You can update your ENTIRE wardrobe for under $150 bucks and be able to mix and match staple pieces to make multiple outfits and still wont break the bank. I stopped by Target yesterday and did a try on and created some great yet affordable fall looks.


[Shop LTK here]


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S


  • UTILITY JACKET: Target [wearing L]
    TANK: Target [wearing M]
    JEANS: Target [wearing 6]
    BOOTIES: Target [sold out but similar here]


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

SWEATER: Target [wearing L for oversized look]
JEANS: Target [wearing 6]
BOOTIES: Target [sold out but similar here]



O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

BLAZER: Target [wearing L]
TANK: Target [wearing L for loose fit]
JEANS: Target [wearing 6]


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S


TOP: Target [wearing M]
PANTS: Target [wearing S] runs large SNEAKERS: Target 





O U T F I T   D E T A I L S


SWEATER: Target [wearing L for oversized fit]
JEANS: Target [wearing 6]



 Before we know it fall will be here! Im sooo looking forward to the oversized chunky sweater trend, the boots and hot cocoa while watching alll the fall movies!! What fall trends are you looking forward to?? Tell me in a comment below!!


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Worth the hype or not: Barefoot Dreams blanket edition || & an amazing dupe

Happy Monday friends! Today I want to put into question what all the fuss is about over the ever so popular Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams blanket. For years now this blanket has been the most sought after, celebrity endorsing, blogger approved, rarely goes on sale but always sold out, not even cheaper on Amazon blanket that I personally have ever heard of… WHY???

Well as far as I went back on researching this I came to find out that this blanket was actually made popular by the Kardashians. Particularly Khloe Kardashian. She would be seen carrying the blanket in question alllll the time. In multiple scenes and pics. I don’t know if she was sponsored to or not but what I do know is that by looking at all the pics and videos it was all back when the Kardashians DID NOT look like the Kardashians that we know and see today. So that tells you without telling you lol😜

The blanket has also been approved by other celebrities like Christy Tiegen & Jennifer Garner just to name a few. But why is this blanket sooooo freakin popular when it’s just made of polyester??? Is it really worth all the hype? What is a good dupe for it?

Well of course I got the blanket from Nordstrom since I can’t give my real and honest review on it without actually having it. Personally I have used This blanket that my hubby legit fights me for (even tho it’s mine) for years now and it is the coziest most comfy and soft double Sherpa blanket that I literally take with me everywhere! It has been part of my holy grail for a while now & I was pretty happy with it and was not on the hunt for a replacement. Now with that being said, this is my job to try products and clothing items and in turn give my honest review and if along the way of trying those items I love it then they make the “holy grail” list. Just to give a lil clarity. I’m disclosing that because I will be comparing my current holy grail/fave blanket from VS Pink with the blanket in question BFDs along with the dupe option I’ve chosen from Pink Lily!

Ok so let’s start with a few specs of the blankets:

  • How big are the blankets:

BFDs- 54″ x 72″

VS Pink- 50″ x 60″

Pink Lily- 70″ x 44″

  • What are the blankets made of:

BFDs- 100% polyester microfiber

VS Pink- double sided Sherpa

Pink Lily – faux fur/ polyester

    How much are the blankets:
  • BFDs- $180.00
  • VS Pink- $59.95
  • Pink Lily- $94.00
    • Do they come in a variety of colors:

    BFDs- yes!

    VS Pink- No

    Pink Lily- yes!

    • How do they look:


    Click pic to shop!

    VS Pink-

    Click pic to shop!

    Pink Lily-

    Click pic to shop!

    Ok so here’s what you came here for… my thoughts on the BFDs blanket is this: I can definitely see why and how everyone snd their mother really likes the blanket. Over all it is amazingly soft, It feels exactly like the Bare foot dreams cardigan (if you already have one for reference) all the designs are super cute and they have quite a bit to choose from! Honestly all 3 blankets feel pretty much the same. The only difference besides the size and physical appearance of the 3 were that the BFDs was literally a smidge bit thicker. I’m thinking of doing a fun lil test later today on my insta stories to see which blanket feels the best while blind folded that include hubby, Dolly , Anjee mama & my mommy dearest and see their picks! Follow me on Instagram Here to check it out!

    So my final thoughts on this overly coveted blanket is- Yes! It is super trendy but NO it is not worth the hype nor the high end price tag! Now please don’t get me wrong I do love the blanket a lot! So much so I am now using it as my permanent blanket. And if you are a person who doesn’t mind dropping 2 bills for a blanket and you really want to then yes! Do what makes you happy, especially if you can afford it. I can tell you won’t be disappointed. However there is absolutely no way that I would spend that much for a blanket outside of this review. So, If you are a person who loves a good dupe then the below blankets are perfect for you! They feel almost identical to the BFDs one but are a much reasonable price tag. Also hubby is obsessed with it. He ended up claiming for himself LOL! While Dolly took over my VS Pink one.

    Some of the options are actually on sale right now so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage. Click any pic to shop item:

    Here is another dupe option (also on sale) that I have not personally tried but have heard good things about. This was definitely fun to do above anything else. Looking forward to doing many more reviews. If you have a specific thing you would like me to review pleas let me know below! Until next time…

    Tiara’s up,


    Cute/stylish holiday outfit || {50% off Today}

    Ahhh! Happy Friday friends!! I’m super excited because one of my fave places to shop is having a major sale on up to 60% off EVERYTHING!!!! Which is crazy insane because some of my favorite pieces are from there like This whole outfit is 50% off as well. These pair of jeans are 40% off & they are sooo good, they have a designer look & feel! To check out the entire site click Here

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    Click pic to shop LTK!

    O U T F I T D E T A I L S

    TOP: Express {wearing M}

    PANTS: Express {wearing 6}

    BOOTIES: Red Dress

    HAND BAG: Gucci

    HAT: Asos

    Wishing you all a Happy Friday & a great weekend!!!

    P.s. Today is our Pizza Friday!! (If you’re new & don’t know what that is check out This blog post) and Join us and get any regular price online menu item for 25% off when you use code:TIFFANYJ25 at Papa Johns!

    Tiara’s up,


    Review: T3- Single Pass Curling Iron

    Click pic to shop curling iron
    Click pic to shop curling iron
    Click pic to shop curling iron

    Click pic to shop curling iron
    Click pic to shop curling iron
    Click pic to shop curling iron

    Click pic to shop curling iron
    Click pic to shop curling iron

    Hiiii!! I hope it’s an amazing Wednesday for you! Today I want to talk about the most amazing curling iron I have come across! This curling iron literally creates the longest, lasting and polished curls with such ease and in just 1 single pass of the iron! (Thus the name obvi) lol

    It achieves this by its enhanced technology being able to heat up quickly and maintain even, consistent heat along the ceremic blend curling barrel. Which ultimately results in the most amazing, frizz free and perfectly polished curls you will ever get!

    It has 5 adjustable heat settings that range from 260 degrees all the way to 410 degrees which provide the best heat levels for all types of hair. It’s super lightweight and I really love the smart twist dial that makes it easy to turn the curling iron on and off and maneuver when using it. All you have to do is curl for just a few seconds then release and you are all set!

    I used to have to curl my hair every single day and now I legit curl my hair once weekly!! The curls stay intact for the entire week. I like to use a trick I learned from another blogger. Each night before bed I just loosely put my hair in a high bun and put on my bonnet like normal and I’m good. When I wake up the next morning all I have to do is brush or comb lightly and apply some type of sheen.

    This curling iron has been Tiff tested & proven to make my entire life soooo much easier. I definitely 100% highly recommend it hands down. It is worth every single penny and you won’t regret it! Linking my EXACT iron Here!

    I really love reviewing products and giving my honest opinion on them. If you have anything in particular that you would love to see me review or be your personal guinea pig for please let me know…

    Tiara’s up,


    #Ootd: Fall fashion ||My fave pair of denim jeans

    O U T F I T D E T A I L S:

    TURTLENECK: Pink Lily (use code:September15 for 15% off)

    TRENCH-COAT: no longer available but similar Here

    JEANS: Express {wearing 29} these are just so good! Extremely comfy snd run tts. (Also featured Here)

    MULES: old but similar here

    HEADBAND: Walmart

    HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton

    This entire outfit is hands down one of my favorite fall fashion staple outfits! A long jacket over a turtle neck, some jeans and a pair of flats or mules. It’s soo sophisticated, classy and yet so basic hahaha!

    Anywho. I hope you all are having a great start to your week. You know, There is something so promising about a brand new week. It signifies the possibilities of new opportunities, new goals and a fresh new start! No matter how crazy everything around you might get, you have the power in you to begin a new venture, start a new hobby, increase/expand your knowledge or start that project you have been putting off. Oh yes, the beginning of a new week means a new day and each day anything is possible! So I hope you make today count more so then the last and as if there won’t be a next, because you will always be exactly where you are if you don’t simply start!



    Tiara’s up!



    Ootd: Amazon Fashion must have

    O U T F I T D E T A I L S:

    DRESS: Amazon

    Boots: Hunter

    Hat: Lulu’s

    Handbag: StockX

    Ahhh!! Happy new week friends! This leopard print dress is soo amazing! It runs true to size and is very comfortable, Definitely a fall fashion staple piece/ must have in every wardrobe. I wore it with some hunter boots but it could easily be dressed up with some cute booties and a coat!

    I am so obsessed with the bell sleeve detailing which gives it more of a designer look. It’s so hard to even think this dress is from Amazon and under $25! Add a paperboy hat and you are all set for any fall fashion event!!

    Tiara’s up,


    Fall Fashion: Outfit inspo [[Cali Edit]] ☀️

    O U T F I T -D E T A I L S

    CARDIGAN: Pink Lily {wearing M} (super cozy and comfy)

    WHITE TANK: Pink Lily{wearing M}

    MOTTO LEGGINGS: Pink Lily{Wearing M} these are such a great dupe for the Spanx motto leggings here

    SNEAKERS: Steve Madden (Snagged these during the NSale and they are back on sale 40% off!!)

    HEADBAND: Walmart {6 piece set}

    STARBZ TUMBLER: @wendydoesittoo on Instagram

    EARRINGS: The Styled Collection

    NAME NECKLACE: My little necklace (use code: Thisdollhere for $10 off)

    Tiara’s up,

    Affordable Fashion

    Budget Friendly Fall Fashion||3 head to toe outfits under $100

    Hello Friend! It’s the beginning of a brand new week and as we get deeper into fall I thought I’d share some affordable, fall fashion outfits! As I was shopping the H&M website for another blogpost haul (to go live on a latter date) I couldn’t help but share these as well! They have such a variety of fall staple pieces, From boots to booties, oversized cozy sweaters to sweater dresses! The best part is each complete outfit is literally around under $100! It’s so hard to find a top, bottom and shoes for that price. That is why I have come to love H&M, they have a lot of designer looks but for a fraction of the price!

    O U T F I T | D E T A I L S


    JEANS: H&M

    SHOES: H&M


    O U T F I T | D E T A I L S




    O U T F I T| D E T A I L S


    JEANS: H&M

    BOOTS: H&M

    SCARF: H&M

    Until next time

    Tiara’s up,


    #Ootd: Cute mommy & me matching fall pic idea


    SWEATSHIRT: Pink Lily {wearing M} (use code: october15 for 15% off)

    JEANS: AG {wearing 28}

    BOOTS: Ugg


    SWEATSHIRT: Pink Lily

    JEANS: old but similar Here

    BOOTS: Ugg

    TUMBLER DETAILS: Wendydoesittoo

    Okay so here we are again, HUMP DAY! The weeks seems to be going by even faster then I can say. October is almost at its conclusion and I’m sitting here like WHAT EVEN?!😱 totally insane riiite?!! Anywho I can bet any mama just loves matching with her mini(s)! I mean it is literally the best thing about having a girl right?!! Well I could not wait to take pics in our matching sweatshirts and Starbucks tumblers with my lil minions! And I absolutely DIIIIIIE!! These sweatshirts are just perfect for any trip/photo opt at the pumpkin patch with the kiddos. The leopard detail is just darling and my fave part of the design. These cozy & oh so comfy sweatshirts are super soft with fleece detailing inside. They run true to size and can easily be considered as a fall basic this season.

    These custom Starbucks tumblers are one of my fave fall fashion accessories and are the perfect gift idea for any occasion!! I host a bi-weekly giveaway with the shop owner every 1st & 15th of the month, all you have to do is follow both me Thisdollhere & the shop Wendydoesittoo on Instagram & like/comment on our post to enter!

    Until next time friends…

    Tiara’s up,