My Holy Grail: Skincare Edition

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Hi loves! And welcome to the skincare edition to my Holy Grail of products. If you missed the first part where I shared my holy grail of makeup, you can check it out in this post Here. Now I don’t have a super long list yet because I used the same method of skincare for yearssss. Which was wash my face with hot water and a towel and if I wore makeup I would just use a makeup wipe. And throw some lotion on my face. That was it! It worked well surprisingly because I never really had skin issues and I pretty much left my skin alone. However as I got older obviously I had to do more and now that I do this for work I have to try more and more products. Trust me as the list grows I will add along the way…

#1 Billie wonder wipes

I love these because they are infused with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serums. They are super thick and is like a full skincare routine in a single wipe! I also love that you can subscribe to get a box sent monthly so you never run out. Best of all they are only $9!!!!

#2 Precleanse cleansing oil

I love to double cleanse so after wiping most of my makeup off with the wonder wipe I go in and clean with this oil that literally melts away makeup like its nothing. It also leaves your skin feeling amazing and hydrated.

#3 Hydra Vizor Moisturizer

Looove the innovative sleek design of the packaging! Smells amazing and is not to oily but leaves your skin feeling amazingly moisturized and hydrated. (I also use This full line of skin care currently during the winter months at night)

#4 Firm Hydra-Gel eye patches

Ive used these patches for years and even on my clients back when I had my salon. They are so good and work even better. They are the perfect pick me up for any face treatment.

#5 Lip Retreat Oil

I received this in one of my Ipsy boxes last month and have been using it non stop! The winter months are so drying and this lip oil is perfect during the day.

#6 Lip Sleeping Mask

Now I use this mask on my lips at night and let me just tell you. Its a total game changer. It smells amazing and leaves your lips feeling just the same. This will forever be a nightstand fave for me.

Until next time…

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