My Current Makeup Routine: Full Face Makeup

M A K E U P – D E T A I L S (in order of use)

EYEBROWS: Tarte DIY brow detailing pen ( shade dark brown) Real talk, this detail pen has changed my eyebrow game 100%. I love how it gives such a natural look as you draw using the angled tip for each stroke of hair like lines. It gives a better look of definition and fullness. I don’t know what I was doing before this lol.

EYES: Tarte Amazonian clay eyeshadow (comes in a set of 3 palettes & I use all 3 regularly)

EYELINER: I love This one and This one it’s got a pencil eye liner on the end as well for dual use.

LASHES: House of lashes x Sephora collection

MASCARA: I go between This one and That one. Both are amazingly good and among the list of my repurchased products!

FOUNDATION: Urban Decay All Nighter (shade 9.75) Also been loving This (wrote a review on it Here) and This one.

CONCEALER: I switch between Tarte Shape tape(shade tan sand) and Tarte creaseless concealer (same shade) then I add a little bit of Tarte shape tape glow wand and mix it together. It’s gives the perfect glow!

SETTING POWDER: Pro Fil’tr Instant Retouch Setting Powder now this stuff is LEGIT and so amazing. The name filter is exactly what it is because it gives the perfect filter look after.

CONTOUR: Tarte contour palette this is my Holy Grail. Ive been using for several years, it’s sooo good!

BLUSH: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush this blush literally last for 12 hours it’s so amazing, I love it.

HIGHLIGHT: Dior Backstage glow face palette this palette has become my fave it has 4 different illuminating shades to choose from that will leave your skin glowing and shining brighter then your own future! Lol. For years I used This one and still love it enough to keep among my Holy Grail, it’s a great option in lieu of a higher end product.

LIPSTICK: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets can I just say this is one of my fave all time lip combos! It looks and goes well on all skin tones and is part of my Holy Grail of Makeup products.

SETTING SPRAY: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Spray I LOVE this setting spray so so much. It is a Holy Grail and a Must have in everyone’s makeup bag. It doubles as a prepping spray as well To really set and keep the makeup in so it’s flawless all day/night.

Hi loves! Today I wanted to share my current makeup routine. When you think about it every person has a set routine that wears makeup. The very basic foundation if you will that makes you all done and ready to conquer the day. Although some routines are way longer then others, I personally have found that since staying Home I don’t go all out like I used to. Now don’t get me wrong, when I wear makeup it is the full face routine. However I tend to stick to the same look lol. Hey if it’s not broke don’t fix it right🤷🏽‍♀️?! I tend to just switch out the pigments closest to the inner corner of my eyes, my blush and last my lipstick. Other then that I pretty much wear and have worn the same things for forever and a day lol. (With the exception of foundations, lipsticks & concealers for the sake of reviews) but unless I find something that deserves to be included in my holy grail then it’s back to basics for me.

I am working on a post where I talk about what’s included in my Holy Grail product list since I talk about it so much lol. and it will be a series as I will break it up in sections for skincare, makeup and so on. So be looking out for that.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

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