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Meet my fur baby: “Shorty” || & a heartfelt tribute to a friend who is dearly missed

Hello and happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend. Today I wanted to share one of many more to come personal posts about myself. I want you guys to learn more about who I am over all as a person, the things I like, love, hate and so on. And I hope I can learn a bit more about you guys as well. Its funny because I was telling my hubby I dont know why I didn’t start with meet my family or meet my hubby 😂😂 NOPE! I am starting with my fur baby! Lololol

They say your pets become your family and there is something so true about that statement that just resonates with me and I’m sure with you as well if you have pets yourself. Like “Shorty” is MY SON. He is my baby. PERIOD! No-one can tell me any different. Technically I have 3 fur babies…. *insert pic of me & all of the fur babies below

From left to right: Nacho, Shorty & Raja

“Shorty” is a Pomeranian who obvi belongs to me. “Nacho” belongs to my daughter and he is a chihuahua/yorkie mix. Raja belongs to my hubby and he is a full bred Doberman. My niece doesnt have a dog because she is just 6 and cant fully take on the responsibility of a puppy yet. We do plan on getting her one when she is older.

I got “Shorty” as an early anniversary present in May of 2019. I had just lost my other Pomeranian “Tiny” whom I had for the most amazing 19 years! I mean im only 35, so we grew up together. He was the best dog and friend anyone could ask for. *insert pics of my beloved “Tiny” boy

After I put “Tiny” down hubby and the kiddos noticed I just wasnt the same and with good reason of course. I remember how my daughters dog “Nacho” clung to me after. I believe he sensed the sadness and wanted to make sure I was ok. And that is exactly why dogs are just so so amazing. So hubby ended up surprising me with a new fur baby to love! Because there is just so much love to go around! I named him “Shorty” lol and the rest is history as they say.

“Shorty” reminds me of “Tiny” in so many ways. I believe its just personality traits of the breed mostly and that’s why I will always have a Pomeranian. They are the best dogs. And my “Shorty” boy has a punch of big personality packed in his lil body lol. He looooves to chill on my lap. Now I just adore this because this is exactly what I wanted…a lap dog. Lol. In the beginning when he was a puppy puppy omg he drove me INSANE! I think its because I was so used to having an older and very much calmer dog. So going from that to a puppy who wants to play 24/7 was a huge transition.

We have definitely learnt more about each other and our friendship has grown into something that I am so very very thankful for today. I would always ask hubby does he know Im his mama? Because he would just go to any and everyone lol again I was used to “Tiny”. It was just him and I growing up so “Tiny” just wanted to be around me and only me. “shorty” was like I love everyone and want to play with everyone 😂 That puppy stage soon left and while he is still so playful I have no doubt now that he knows I am in fact his mama! He follows me everywhere, sleeps right under me and gives me the best goodnight and morning kisses! I cant wait to see how our friendship grows from here. Dogs really are “mans best friend” “tried & true” until the very end.

I think it is so appropriate to end this post with one of my fave last and final pics of my dearly missed “Tiny” boy. I honor him and the friendship we shared every single day. And I am so so thankful for that 19 year friendship. Bringing that same love and sharing it with another amazing dog is what true friendship really means💕 Do you have any pets? If so how many? What are their names? And whats your fave thing about them? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Tiara’s up! Xo

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