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LIFE UPDATE: My dolly turns 9…

While I thought I was teaching you all about life, you were teaching me what life is all about

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today is a bitter sweet day because it is the day that completely changed my life forever in the best possible way. Today is the day my precious baby girl was born 9 years ago. *insert crying emoji* now we don’t celebrate birthdays because we  celebrate life every single day and are truely thankful for each and every day that is given to us. I want to teach my dolly that it isn’t about the day you were born thats of importance, because the day you were born you were just a baby, with a clean slate. You hadn’t accomplished anything yet, you don’t know what type of person you will become. It’s not until the day of your death is when you truly know what type of person someone is. I want her to know what’s important is the time in between the day you are born and the day you die. Because life is such a precious gift and we are not promised tomorrow, every single day that is given to us, That is what should be celebrated. The goals,the accomplishments, and setbacks in which make her the perfect lil dolly that I love so much is what we acknowledge every day of her life. As I look back on what an amazing lil girl she has become I can do nothing but smile in admiration and be so incredibly proud. She has the kindest heart, the sweetest disposition and the bravest lil spirit. She is so giving and has taught me so much over her 9 big years. She has helped me realize things about myself I never knew. And above all else has made me into such a better person then I was before. Thru her eyes I see a better everything and endless possibilities and I just want her to know that she has every opportunity to spread her wings and be exactly who she wants to be. I want her to know that it’s ok to never grow up, to dance like no ones watching, to have tea parties and BELIEVE. I want her to believe in the magic of imagination and to remember that a book and imagination can take you absolutely anywhere. I want her to know tht there truly is happiness in giving then there is in receiving. And most of all I want her to love, love with all her heart, feel with every emotion, be sad and hurt when she hurts, be overly happy when she’s happy, laugh until her belly aches and DREAM! Dream so big that her dreams scare her and never stop believing in herself. These are the things I want to teach and celebrate with her her every single day and not to focus on ONE day that really focuses on the “what did you get me for my birthday” type of spirit. Teaching her and being her mother has been the highest honor I have ever received and I am forever blessed and thankful for the gift of motherhood❤️

Yes my dolly is an amazing and special lil girl that has become my bestest and closest friend.  I only hope that:

She looks back one day, and remembers a mother who made the time to play, for there will be lots of time later for cleaning and cooking because children grow up fast when parents aren’t looking.

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  1. Oh my goodness this is so touching made me cry, made me happy inside….. thank you thank you for sharing !!!!!