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Life update: Celebrating 16 years of marriage || Mexico recap

Hi loves! Today is our last day vacationing in Mexico for our 16th wedding anniversary. Yes! You read that correctly, 16 years! And I could not resist writing a post to commemorate it. It was a fantastic adventure visiting Ensenada & Rosaritos beach but now I’m ready to jump back into reality! The internet has been a little slow lately and it also was a little hard to find the time to write. But back to the tropical bliss.

Friday we zip-lined at Las Cañades Campamento and it was sooo fun! They have 5 different bridges to cross to get to the 5 different ziplines, so its a nice little workout. This was hubby and I’s 2nd time zip-lining as the 1st time we did was in Catalina Island. However it was my dolly’s first time and she thought it was so awesome! After that we went to La Bufadora which is a blow hole tourist attraction right on the peninsula of Baja California. Lastly we ate at a restaurant called Habana Banana which was pretty good. Their micheladas were really good but the best part is you have the option to play with a baby jaguar, lion and tiger. You can also play with the adult jaguar and lion as well as hold a monkey and a huge mcCaw. We did the baby jaguar with my daughter and then just hubby and I played with the adult lion and tiger. My daughter did not meet the height requirement to play with the older cubs.

From Ensenada we drove to Rosaritos which is where our villa was. We stayed at Quinta Pacifica beach front villas. Which were pretty nice. The property was beautiful. My only complaint was that they need to do a better job of up-keeping the building. Since it is beach front the mist and weather can kind of destroy the paint and you could definitely tell there was wear and tear. But lil things like that do not bother me so I enjoyed. We checked in, got settled and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Saturday morning my daughter, mom and niece (via facetime) presented our anniversary presents by showing us a video presentation of them saying the sweetest things and singing. You can view the video Here. I literally cried all my makeup off that I had just put on. I dont know what I did to deserve such sweet souls as kids but I am truly thankful. We got dressed, had breakfast and went to ride horses on the beach and played in the pool at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. We love that hotel. You can hang out by the pool and order drinks which are really, really good. Once we finished there it was time to head back to our villa and get ready for our anniversary dinner. My hubby had his mom drive down from tecaté to be with my daughter while we went and had dinner. We ate at a restaurant called Popotla. It was really good and the mixed drinks were great.

Sunday we drove up to the Rosaritos sand dunes and drove ATVs. That was soo much fun. I almost drove off a cliff and then got stuck in the sand LOL. It was my own fault because I was driving 😂 After, we ate at Villa Ortegas inside Puerto Nuevo (Lobster Town). I had the shrimp scampi and lobster plate and it was PHENOMENAL! We almost did not eat there because the restaurant sits right on top of the water and you literally can smell the fish in the ocean. But we were told once you get your food and start eating your nose focuses on the smell of your food and it is true. Its kind if cool actually how your body tunes into and focuses on what you should be smelling in order to eat. So I’m glad we ended up staying. We headed back to our villa and hung out by the pool and jacuzzi for the rest of the day, until it was dinner time where we cooked and watched a movie via screen projector out on our terrace by the beach. It was soo nice!

Today is Monday and our last day. Its 6AM and im sitting out on the terrace writing this blog. We plan on chilling at the Rosaritos beach hotel pool again and hitting up one of our fave taco spots called Tacos El Yaqui before we leave. The tacos are BOMB!!

This trip was super fun and I’m so proud of hubby and I for celebrating 16 years of marriage! Thank you for allowing me to share and I Hope you enjoyed my lil Mexico recap! Hope you all have an amazing week!!

Tiara’s up! Xo

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