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Life update || Big announcement: Im co-hosting a podcast

Surprise!!!!! I am sooooo exited to be announcing that I will be a permanent co-host on “Love Mommy Podcast” along with one of my good friends Natasha!! I know I predominately share fashion and beauty. But the truth of the matter is. I am a mom FIRST before anything else. Natasha is also a mom with the cutest lil toddler girl named Skylar. Truthfully Any and every thing else that I do is really just a bonus. My main focus will always be to be an asset and great resource to you guys in spreading positivity, value and really great sales and personal reccs that I have tried and love.

Thru this new venture I hope to share with you all another side of my life, the more unedited and fully flawed side of my life. Because lets be honest, there is nothing really edited, 100% curated and flawless about motherhood. So here is to the good, bad and the ugly. It will focus on the whole motherhood experience. Welcome to this new but super familiar journey I call motherhood and welcome to any new ones. Thank you so so much on this new venture. I am so very much appreciative and love you bunches.

Be sure to tune in to tonight’s episode as we go over the topic of momprenuership and the doubts, set backs and tips needed to start up your own business. Whether you are a mom, wife, single or just have a significant other and have been thinking of starting your own business but don’t know where to start, then this podcast is definitely for you.

I hope you enjoy! And be sure to listen in Here live now! Dont forget to subscribe and please share!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Tiara’s up! Xo

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