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Happy Saturday!!!! There is going to be a small shift in content. After talking with my social media manager we realized that a significant amount of the requests, comments and questions I get  relates to things like how I manage my time being a mom, wife and entrepreneur, how I’m able to take so much time for self care, or how I’m able to wake up so early. Ive also had so much positive feed back on my weekly newsletter  that includes a health & fitness section that spills all the inside tips/tricks of the fitness industry that I’ve learnt over the 7 years of working with a personal trainer. [make sure you are subscribed]  My goal is always to be the best resource to you as much as possible and to meet the needs of the collective. So when the needs change then I adjust and change right along with them. This doesnt mean I am going to completely stop with my fashion and beauty. It just means I am now buckling down into my niche of being a self-care coach. Which basically means I help you build ways in which you can take care of your personal wellness. By focusing  on different areas outside of health. My basic areas of expertise include physical, permanence, mental, and financial well-being.

Today we are diving into permanence health. Which is a fancy word for time. I know its hard to find the time let alone make the time for yourself whether you are a busy career driven working woman, a new mom, single mother, wife or stay at home mom. Its so easy for us as natural care givers to lack in the department of giving self care to ourselves.

It is soooo necessary tho for us to in a sense come first before our families. Now I know you are probably like omg Tiffany what even are you talking about right??? But hear me out, you ever travel via airplane and right before take off the flight attendant gives you clear instructions that in the event of an emergency you need to make sure you put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before you help anyone else. Why is that? Because you cant help anyone if you are not ok FIRST. Likewise we as woman pretty much do EVERYTHING but then when it comes to ourselves we do absolutely nothing or the bare minimum for ourselves.

I want to break this stigma because trust and believe that used to be me as well. We will save that story for another time tho. I got super burnt out, became depressed, was anxiety stricken and over all lost my complete sense of self. But NOW, I make sure I take care of my most valuable player first…ME! In doing so I have found that motherhood is soooo much more enjoyable. Im not pouring from an empty cup because I make sure my cup is full first.

Now self-care might seem sooo impossible to say a new mother, or single mother or even the every day woman busy with the normal things in life.  However You would be surprised how much time you really do have if you manage it correctly. Over the course of this new segment I will be sharing my personal tips and tricks as to how you can easily give yourself the gift of self care because you deserve it!

Starting with my personal fave… my eyelash extension appt. time will vary based on how you want them to look. I personally love super full looking lashes so I book a volume set which usually takes about 2 hours. What I love doing is getting to my appt about 20-30 min early. Parking and then opening a single glass bottle of Prosecco while I read a chapter of whatever book im currently reading. This may seem weird to some. But trust me time to yourself is still time to yourself.  And you gotta get it in where you can fit it in in my opinion. You can also opt to put the Prosecco in a lil tumbler and take a walk around the area while you enjoy the scenery and reflect. The possibilities are almost endless. The important thing is you having some quality time away from your family and by yourself!

What are some ways in which you can think of to get your self-care in? Let me know in a comment below


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