January Sephora faves || February Sephora haul

Ok February came like a ninja seeking vengeance 😂 so fast I thought I had more time to post a whole post dedicated to all the products I loved for the month of January. Anywho I am just going to add it to this months Sephora haul. Last month I loved all of these products…

1. Bounce Liquid whip long wear foundation (currently on sale for 50% off making it only $20) This foundation went on so effortlessly and blended so well. It is definitely being added to my Rotation of used products!

2. Fenty skin moisturizer now this moisturizer smells soooo amazing and is super hydrating. I absolutely loved how it saturated my skin and left it soft and supple and not overly moisturized or greasy. I especially love how innovative the container is. It comes in a capsule that can be taken out and replaced once the product is completely used and I just love that.

3. Bye Bye under eye full coverage concealer I can see why this concealer has sooo many amazing reviews. It is so awesome and the coverage is none like any other. I’m a die hard Shape tape concealer girl and I am pleasantly surprised and happy to know I have a great alternative.

4. Big Ego DIY detailing pen This pen is such a GAME CHANGER. My brows are so thin due to over plucking in high school and this pen gives the micro-bladed hair like stroke effect that gives me that full and thick look I desire. This product is for sure a current Holy Grail.

This month I will be trying these products…

1. Tatcha plump & Dewy

2. Lip Sleeping Mask

3. Mini love eyeshadow palette

4. Dior lip glow

Tiara’s up,

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