How I get defined faux micro-bladed Eyebrows || Benefit Cosmetics vs. Tarte cosmetics review

Happy Monday and great start to your week!!! This past weekend was sooo needed! I prioritized rest and unplugging on Saturday. It was soo good. I got some much needed one on one time time with my girl crew and even found out my dolly can sing 😳😍 it was sooo amazing!! Anywho, I have always had a love/ hate relationship with my brows ever since I over plucked them in High-school. (Major no-no) Im so thankful Ive been ablw to grow them a lot fuller then they were with my fave Lash serum However I love my brows to be super thick and Im only in the middle stage of my lash and brow journey so I love filling them in!

Ive been using the DIY detailing pen from Tarte for several months now and I absolutely love it. So much so that it is part of my My Holy Grail: Makeup Edition. When I looked thru the new products at Sephora at the beginning of the month and saw that Benefit cosmetics came out with a new Micro filling pen for brows I had to get it and try it out!

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Micro filling Pen
{deep brown used here}

Well I tried it out and love the fact that the microbladed look is made easy! It comes in 4 different shades. The pen creates the illusion of natural brow hair with three ultrafine lines in a single stroke. It is also designed to blend in with existing hairs, fill in gaps, and make brows appear where before there were none. This easy-to-apply formula looks natural and is waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-wearing! Such a great alternative right??? No pain, no commitment, no expensive price tag, just great brows.

Tarte Cosmetics DIY Detailing Pen
{dark brown used here}

Okay so This pen is the Tarte Cosmetics DIY detailing pen. It comes in 3 different shade that pretty much range from light, medium snd dark. It has a precision, angled brush tip that softly flicks on hair-like strokes with bristles that mimic real hair growth. It tints and fills in sparse areas to create the look of fuller brows while locking down for waterproof, sweatproof, and smudge-proof wear. It also includes a spoolie to comb through brows. As you can see there is a difference in shade color. I do think that it looks more natural to me. Which is why I would use this pen on a no makeup/ Fresh face type of day. Now when I wear My full face makep routine I would use the Micro filling eyebrow pen from Benefit to give my brows a more defined look.

Overall I give both of these pens a 10/10! It just depends on what specific look you ate going for. I also will incorporate both of the pens in my routine as I do love the way both look used together. ANOTHER ONE added to the Holy Grail🙌🏾

Tiara’s up! Xo

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3 thoughts on “How I get defined faux micro-bladed Eyebrows || Benefit Cosmetics vs. Tarte cosmetics review

    1. Hahaha yaassss girlfriend 🙌🏾 thank you so much!! And I do too!! I thought for sure I would love the DIY pen more since its been a staple already. But turns out I love them both. This is why in my opinion I think its great to keep trying new products!! Xo Hope you have a fantastic start to your week 😊