Here’s what happened: My theory on why the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale was a complete BUST!

Okay Okay!! I know most of everyone is soooo over hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. But can I just say that I personally am so not over it omggg!!!! Like I’m definitely so annoyed with how they went about this whole thing not just this year but even in recent years.

So first, lets begin by starting out explaining how Nordstrom has this, what I like to refer to as a “Mean girls/Clueless” high school hierarchy like system. P.s. I might have been actually watching Mean Girls the movie while typing this out LOL!!! Okay, so If you are a nordy card member you KNOW exactly what I’m talking about. This “hierarchy” consist of 5 different classes or tiers which basically translates into memberships. (So FANCY right?!) Anywho, the memberships (beginning w/ highest in rank) consist of ICON status. Lets just call it “the popular cheerleader” group if ever this was a terrible teen movie. Just follow me ok… this “popular” group has to spend $15,000 or more a year to hold this prestigious title. Next we have AMBASSADOR status which I will call “the jocks” Bwuahahahaha I DIE!! Ambassadors have to spend $5,000 or more to earn this title. Next up is INFLUENCER status or “the preps”. This group has to maintain a spending average of $2,000 or more annually. Second to last we have INSIDER status which is basically your “classic friendship circle. This tier spends $500.00 plus yearly and then, lastly you have MEMBER status… your “outsiders/loners of high school. These members spend from $0 to $499 annually.

Now that the whole “hierarchy” has been established, the concept of membership is the higher your status, the more perks you get to enjoy, including early access to special items, alteration services and Nordstrom note discounts. (I’m getting to my point, pinky promise) Now although I have shopped this sale for many years And as each year has gone by I have noticed the sale taking a Bit of a bust each time. ESPECIALLY this year. Specifically because with each tier status, the higher you are up, the sooner you can shop! Now, although this is amazing for those “popular girls”. Ive found that as the sale becomes more public and access is given to the general population items are completely out of stock by the time general access is available. Now I dont know about you, but If ICON status is spending $15,000 or more yearly at Nordstrom then they aren’t the ones that truly need the sale. Get my drift? I mean the whole reason why the NSale is such a great sale to shop in the first place is because great coveted items are in fact, on MAJOR sale. So with that being said, ok great! The high rolling “popular group” gets to shop first. FINE. Seems somewhat fair. BUT now here is where I get pretty ANNOYED.

In past years of the sale and most importantly this year, by the time the general public was able to shop the sale literally EVERYTHING was out of stock. Now FYI, I am AMBASSADOR status and STILL, soooo many of the things on my wish list was already out of stock by the time I was able to shop. *insert angry comment to Nordstrom via instagram here*

Now grant it that comment was made AFTER the sale went live for EVERYONE to shop. Which in my opinion and the opinions of sooo many others via reading the hundreds of angry comments under Nordstrom’s instagram. Items should have been fully restocked and ready to shop for EVERYONE by that time. I understand that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and shipping has been sooo awful. But come on! What I believe really happened is Nordstrom made an assumption that people wouldn’t be able to shop the sale due to the pandemic And ordered their stock based on their higher tier shopping data. Now is this true? Probably not, I have no idea if that is what really happened. I do know however, there is always a demographic that will shop, but they want the latest and greatest and since no one is really traveling or going out, these past seasons are not selling that well and they knew that so they limited their stock. Again this is just my personal “theory” on this. I have absolutely no clue if that is even close to what really happened and I’m hoping that they saw the error of their ways these past few days and made a huge restock purchase and items in my personal wishlist will be magically restocked soon! Lol Seriously Nordstrom’s we need answers or better yet, don’t even explain anything, just restock for goodness sake lol.

My last and final thoughts on this is that although the tier system puts in place how big and micro bloggers make their money by shopping items first then showcasing them to their audience at the same time either the whole hierarchy/tier system needs to be ABOLISHED effective immediately or at least make sure items are FULLY restocked so that everyone may get a fair chance to shop the sale as well. I’m very curious as to what your thoughts are on this. If you have any please drop them below.

Tiara’s up,

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