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Goodbye 2020: The year I lost, failed, won, cried & laughed but didn’t fold!

Hiii loves. I know, I know! A blog post on a Thursday?!!😱 Who am I riiite?!! But I had to say and document my goodbye for this year, this little pink & glitter corner of the World Wide Web is technically where I keep all my memoirs right? So let’s begin shall we. 2020!! Man oh man, the things we can say about this year especially as woman. whether you are single, married, newly divorced, widowed, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, rich, poor what have you. No matter what or who you are I think we can all say in the most perfect unison phrase ever heard to mankinds oh so deaf ears that 2020 BASICALLY SUCKED…PERIODT!! (and btw that T was sooo intentional)

I mean its already so very hard to be a woman as it is whether thats in the work place or at home, But the cherry on the top that I personally experienced is owning a business and trying to make the right decision not only for myself but also for my business and my family. It can be very difficult in making decisions under extremely trying circumstances and this whole Covid-19 pandemic was that exact trying circumstance. I started my business as just a mobile nail care service that grew into a small brick and mortar building after a year and a half then grew into a much bigger commercial building after just 1 year!! It was so amazing and life changing you can say. To connect with clients and build relationships and friendships all while providing impeccable service and getting paid was a dream job! A true story of success right?! But with success comes those who think are on your team, who ultimately you learn are not happy for you or supportive of your success. Lines were crossed, bonds were broken and feelings hurt, Mine in particular. But I learnt to grow with the hurt and continue on. Then when I thought oh it cant get any worse then this… BAAM!! A worldwide pandemic hit!!!

The readjusting to your entire life being on pause and lockdown, while still having to very much so live life with little ones and stay on top and keep a happy marriage (of 16 years btw, one of the many things I am proud of in life) is an utterly disturbing and unexplainable experience that I wish on no enemy I dare have. After 6 months of not working and still paying rent I made the decision to put in my 30 day notice and close my business. Not because I had to, but after evaluating what was most important to me, my health, family and time vs. risking getting sick by working on clients and Expensing energy and resources on employees that did not value the support I provided and did not have the same vision for my business as I did. I chose to save my money rather then dish it out on a building that I couldn’t even work or run how I wanted due to Covid. So I began to blog full time. Now blogging is something that I have been doing on and off again for the last few years. I just never had the real time to stay consistant because I worked full time running my business. Making that change literally was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made in my life. Like how am I going to go from making a certain amount that I’m used to making based on a certain amount of clients I take/ employees I have a month, to now not knowing if I will make anything or if people will even click my link or have an actual interest in what I have to say? I mean you gotta have some major cahonies to just quit a very lucrative business/job and go chase a dream out of no where. But in doing so I found that if you dont do “it”, the it being chase your dreams, do what makes you uncomfortable, what makes you scared and frightened so much so that you lose sleep at night, what makes your very soul want to rise and fly, then You are not living. You arent living in the sense that your life has no limitations except the ones you make or set for yourself. .one thing I can say in all honesty tho is if it weren’t for my unwavering faith and the help of my family and amazing husband I just dont know where I would be physically, mentally and spiritually. There is an old African saying that it takes a village and that is so very true. For that I am so beyond thankful.

So here I am half a year later, wife, mother/auntie, daughter, sister, successful salon owner turned homeschool teacher, full time blogger, and risk taker. Living this thing we all call life, one day at a time proving every day that true success isn’t having your name on a building, its not even having a prestigious title or degree because in an instant life and circumstances can change drastically. True success is being able to adapt to change instantly, gracefully and unexpectedly by having a measure of faith and trust in God, and allowing your family to come to your aid when needed because it truly takes a village or tribe to help you along the way! Yes here I am, ready to go into the new year despite the world being in total disarray, stronger and better then ever before. Looking forward to taking whatever life brings, good or bad and strongly relying on my faith and trust in my God. I say to 2021 BRING IT! Feeling forever thankful for this beautiful life that I get to live every day that I am blessed to wake up! Because the way I see it if you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. I share my story and tell you all of that to say this, in life it is inevitable that you are going to lose, you’re going to win, you will most definitely fail, there will be times you laugh and even times you cry but NEVER EVER EVER, for a second fold!

I want to say THANK YOU bunches to each and every one of you that has chosen to be here and subscribe to my blog! Your support means the world and beyond. I truly hope that 2021 brings you love, peace and happiness. I can’t wait to show you all the new ideas and collabs I have coming to the blog. Until next time you guys be safe and take care of yourself!

Tiara’s up,

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020: The year I lost, failed, won, cried & laughed but didn’t fold!

  1. Tiffany, I cried and laughed and felt warmth in my heart while reading this post! I have watched you during your transition and your story has inspired me! I can’t wait to see the growth in 2021.