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Where are you from?

I’m a true beach baby! Born and raised in California. I live in Long Beach.

Why/When did you start blogging?

I started blogging about 4 years ago part time just as a way to write down all of the things I had experienced, felt at the time and overall wanted to share. It was definitely bad timing at the time as we had just taken on getting my niece out of foster care and that whole transition was just so stressful and crazy. Fast forward a few years and I found myself in the middle of a global pandemic having to shut down my beauty salon. In doing so I found a way to still share my love and knowledge of beauty and fashion. And share positivity and inspire all to follow there dreams.

Where did you get your blog name from?

I’ve always loved Barbie dolls and anything girly related. For me its the epitome of being a girl and I’ve always incorporated my love for that in everything as far as I can remember. I had an online boutique for about 2 years called DollChicBoutique where I sold fashion tops and items  that had popular sayings I would say on my Twitter account that related to Barbie LOL! Man were those the days. I also had a segment on my blog called aDOLLableMe. I guess I just really love the name doll and have always considered myself one. So in referring to me….. This Doll Here!

What is your educational background?

My major in college was child development where I received sooo much info that I didn’t know at the time I would need when it came to raising my own kids. I later changed that major and went to beauty school, where I received my cosmetologist license.

Do you have lip fillers?

LOL. It still blows my mind how many times I get asked this question, now I don’t think there is anything wrong with lip fillers but NO! I do NOT have them. I do want to point out the obvious… I am black. So my lips are naturally plump amongst other body parts. hahahaha

Is that your real hair?

LOL! This is also a funny question. Only because I just don’t wonder these types of things when it comes to people I don’t personally know. But I don’t mind answering and the answer is NO! I wear extensions and or wigs 100 % of the time. This doesn’t mean I do not have hair. lol. My natural hair is very healthy and about mid back length now after I buzz cut it about two years ago. I just hate having to comb and maintain it that is all.

Who takes your pictures?

My lil dolly/daughter  takes 99% of my photos and that other 1% is hubby taking them because both my daughter and myself need to be in the picture LOL.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes! My dolly/daughter actually works for me part time as my assistant. Not too many people realize how hard it is to run a blog and I definitely could not do this without her help. We make a great team! It never seems like work and she is getting experience and skills that will help her in the long run in any endeavor she pursues.