Biker girl vibes…

Top:Windsor, pants:Windsor, fishnet tights:Windsor, shoes: Windsor (I’ve also linked their sale items that are currently 50% off and under $30 here)
Well, well! Friday has come again. Seriously guys… HOW IN THE WORLD WIDE WEB are we basically in February already?!! Geeez! It’s like I’m blinking sooo slow that when I open my eyes literal weeks have past by omgggggg. Bwuahahahaha!! My Dolly turns 9 in February so of course I’m dreading it. Uggh! Why must the babies grow up? It’s such a bitter sweet feeling. But I love her so much and want her to grow and learn and be happy but I also want her to stay my baby forever. I’m sure I’ll blink and next thing I know I’ll be blogging about how my not so little dolly is going on 10. *insert crying emoji here* I just can’t even, so I’m NOT! On to this pretty bad and boogie like outfit if you will. Can you believe my entire outfit is from Windsor store?! I don’t know about you guys, but I love Windsor. They have great quality and stylish clothing at a great price. I’m OBSESSED with this distressed biker tee and the fishnet tights underneath the distressed jeans just went perfect with the shirt to give you all the biker realness vibes. As the weekend quickly approaches, this look would be perfect for going out for a drink, or even a movie. The black booties are true to size and very comfy and I love the chumminess of the heel. A nice leather jacket for when it gets chilly could also be added to this look perfectly. I wish you all a happy weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time..

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  1. The jeans and booties are amazing! 😍 Happy early birthday to her! I’m a February baby as well! Love February! ❤ My nephew who is my life, just turned 10 this past Sunday and I swear I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Time flies!