Biker chic realnesss…





Shirt: Victoria’s Secret Pink (wearing xs)
Bomber jacket: Charlotte Russe (currently on sale for $30)
Flannel: (old) similar here & here
Pants: Fashion Nova
Boots: Apt 9 ( currently on sale for $30)
Bag: old but similar here
Hair extentions custom colored blonde: The virgin hair bar (use code: holiday for money off)


Happy FriiiiiYAY dolls!! Another week has gone by and let me tell you I cant wait for the weekend. Who else feels me?? Although I dont know why, I have absolutely NOTHING planned for the weekend. But hey, sometimes no plans are the BEST plans lol. Putting together this look was fun, this California weather is currently bi-polar and you have to be ready for rain, sleet, hail and Im certain snow will be added to my neck of the woods really soon (it has never snowed here lol) But anywho a few of these staple peices, i.e bomber jacket and black booties are all on sale and I must say they are at great sale prices. Side note who purchased the Mariah Carey X MAC collection? I will be purchasing pretty much the whole collection in store when it drops Dec 15th and I cant wait. If you havent had a chance to check out in MY opinion one of the BEST collabs like EVER check it out  here. I will have a blog post up reviewing it so be looking out for that and if you’ve already tried it out let me know what you think of this oh so beautiful collection. I hope you guys have an AMAZING weekend! Until next time…

Tiara’s up,


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