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aDOLLable Monday: Soft pink series…

My outfit- Sweatshirt:H&M, pants: H&M, heels: old but similar here

Little’s outfit- Sweater: H&M, pants: H&M, jacket: H&M, shoes: H&M

How cute are my lil dolly and Anjee mama? I meeeeean, HELLO!! aDOLLable riiite?! Happy Monday people!! This past weekend has been WET here lol. When they say a storm was going to hit they were not lying. The rain was so crazy we couldn’t go outside to take our pics so we settled for inside pics 🙂 Anyone that knows me knows my absolute favorite color in the entire universe is PINK! And these soft pink vibes we have going on has me super obsessed! Our entire outfits are all from H&M and I love it!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again H&M has the most fashionable yet very affordable clothes out there. The Little’s kitty sweaters are super soft and who doesn’t love sparkle accents. I parked it with some moto leggings that also have some sparkle detail on the knees. Now these pink high tops tho!! OMG. I was legit so sad they didn’t have them in my size bwuahahahaha. Sooo cute! And wrapped around the waist are some warm and cozy zip up sweaters which was perfect for adding an extra layer should they have gotten cold due to all the rain. As for me I’ve talked about these jeans before and I can’t stop talking about them. They are the shaping skinny jeans and they fit soooo nice and comfy   So far I’ve got them in black and dark wash. And will be getting other colors soon. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you all enjoy the start to your week and until next time…

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  1. Oh my goodness I just love the soft pink, with the black is so adorable. Everyone look so happy and peaceful I look forward to your
    Blogs. See you next time !!!!