Hi There! I’m Tiffany

Hi! I’m Tiffany, the blogger behind thisdollhere. I’m married to Ricardo for 16 years! I’m a mom of 2, my daughter Jadelyn who’s is 13 and my niece An’Jreah who is 7. Hubby and I are her legal guardians since she was 2. If you follow me on Instagram/IG stories, you will most likely hear me call them “Lil Dolly” & “Angie mama”.

My “pink & glitter” corner of the internet as I like to call it will be a good mix of beauty and fashion that’s super affordable and budget friendly. [I hate when bloggers say affordable and you go to click the link and its like $300!!! LOL] I’ll showcase some lifestyle and travel and everything in between. Having been working in the beauty Industry myself for over 16 years some may ask well what do you know about fashion? I like to say, Think of beauty and fashion as BFFs. They can each stand on their own but are so much better together! Beauty enhances fashion, think of all the different makeup artist and hair stylist behind the scenes for NYFW. I want to always be a resource for you in helping make beauty & fashion your BFF! Trust & believe I’m the doll that will always be honest in giving you my opinions and reviews whether it be fitness, lifestyle fashion or beauty related.

If you have any questions about anything more specific we keep an updated FAQ page as well.

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