6 steps to a fresh face || My basic morning skincare routine

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Today I am sharing my everyday basic skincare routine. Lets keep in mind however, I use and try a lot of products on the daily for work. So I am sharing the basic foundation to my personal every day skin care routine that has not changed or should I say I use these products non stop. I just incorporate the other products I try within this basic routine I’m about to share with you. Jeez! I really hope that wasn’t confusing lol.

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The first thing I love doing when I wake up is cleansing the face. I put a lot of serums and creams on at night so I make sure I remove any leftover residue, dirt or oil.

STEP 1: Ultra calming cleanser

Then I moisturize. Its super important to restore moisture back into the skin after you have just cleansed and removed any type Of natural oil your skin may have produced in order to protect it. I love using a moisturizer that has an SPF in it.

STEP 2: Hydra visor moisturizer

Next I love using a serum that you can layer over your moisturizer. This particular serum is my absolute fave because it brightens, hydrates, nourishes and provides antioxidant protection to help with premature aging.

STEP 3: Glow maker antioxidant serum

Ive talked about my struggle with under eye bags before. Im forever trying products that help reduce under eye bags and puffiness. This enhancer I have been using for months now and really love it. This serum or gel helps with hydration, textural issues, anti aging, dullness snd puffiness.

STEP 4: Eye enhancer

Next step is to enhance my lashes! I loooove these because they are super light weight and natural looking and yet wispy enough to make a small statement.

STEP 5: Lashes

Last up is my lip mask. Now if you have been reading along in past posts, you might have seen this lip mask amongst my Holy Grail of skin care products. And thats just it. This lip mask, although it is made to go on at night. I wear literally EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Its a total gsme changer. Especially on days where I am just chilling fresh faced and no makeup. I am obsessed with it because it makes my lips feel extra hydrated and supple. Like they are always ready to be kissed! Bwuahahahaha!! Seriously tho. My hubby always kisses me just to get a lil on his lips. Its the sweetest and most hilarious thing.

STEP 6: Lip mask

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