6 of my fave items for my regular self-care routine || via Walmart

As a personal wellness coach and mom of 2 girls, I can not stress enough how vital taking regular time out for myself plays a role in me being the most present, energetic ball of positivity that my family sees every single day!

Now I am not even going to lie I am definitely one who invests in my personal wellness because over the years I have come to find thru trail and error what works foe mw personally. With that being said I know everyone and sometimes  even my clients dont always want to “break the bank” sort of speak just to relax. So I have found that this particular routine is super popular and more importantly super affordable. I use these 6 products literally on a  bi-weekly basis.

Dr. Teals foaming bath

Omgggg! This foaming bath soaking soap is IT!! I work out pretty regularly and this always takes away my gym aches and pains. It also always leaves me feeling de-stressed, super relaxed and ready for bed. And the lavender scent is my fave!


Billie Razor

This razor is hands down the best out there! Its super flexible, sharper, smoother and more affordable then any other razor. I love that it is encased in black charcoal soap for the closest shave possible! I usualy have to shave every 3 weeks instead of weekly like I did before and let me tell you that is super amazing for a busy mama on the go like me!


Billie Shaving Cream

Ok so Ive been using the Billie razor and shave cream for almost a year now and they both are great! The cream is super hydrating and acts as a barrier foe your skin while you shave which prevents razor burn. Ummmm SCOOORE!

Hydrating Sheet Mask

I get monthly facials and one of the things my aesthetician always talks about is maintaining my skin in between appointments! A sheet mask is an effective and super affordable way to do this! I love using any moisturizing mask during this season.

Hyaluronic Acid Body Wash

You hous know how much I loooove my hyaluronic acid. Its so vital for restoring the moisture we lose every day. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized, especially during the colder fall/winter months. It also smells AMAZING!!

Hey Mama Wines

My fave Rosè to drink that is made my moms for moms!!

4 pack of rose bubbles in a can for $19.99 (code: thisdollhere saves you 10%)

Hey Mama Wines

I love the crisp taste of the Rosé sparkling wine and get a 3pk of their bottles! Use code: thisdollhere for 10%off!

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