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4 things you can do to have a positive mindset

Happy Friday everyone! I get asked all the time how I remain so positive all the time. Now honestly, this is far from the truth But today I want to share 4 things that help me to remain positive 90% of the time!

First I think it should be stated that NOONE is positive 100% of the time. No one who is a real live person any way lol. Life happens, every single day and we cant control it so that fact alone can leave us feeling a sense of uneasiness or fear which can sometimes lead to negative thoughts and feelings. I am speaking from experience when I say this, I am a worry wort for sure, I remember after being kicked out of my moms bed at age TWELVE!!! Yes I said twelve bwhahahaha. (My mom was a single parent) I would always sneak in her room and lay on the floor next to her bed so I made sure I can hear she was breathing, because I was so worried she would die in her sleep. (I was 12 remember) This went on for several weeks. And for those several weeks I thought in my adolescent brain I was actually doing something. Little did I know that not only was I depriving myself of rest, I was focused on something that had NOT happened yet and likely would not happen. This made me realize that all the time I was wasting worrying about something that probably would never happen, I could be investing that same time in actually enjoying the time I did have with my mom when we were awake during the day, make that time count and stop worrying at night and just rest and sleep.

Likewise, one of the biggest things that take away positivity is worrying. Whether it be worrying about what others are doing or not doing, worrying about how this pandemic will turn out, will I still have a job, will I be able to pay all my bills? The daily pressures of life alone can make anyone feel negative. This is exactly why I try to do these 3 things every single day:

1.Wake up early- When you wake up early you give yourself more time to do something. Whether that something is reading your Bible, enjoying coffee by yourself before the family is awake. Setting your daily intentions, expressing gratitude for waking up another day. Knocking out one of the things on your to-do list. Whatever it is, find it and do it. This in itself will give you a sense of accomplishment and sets the entire tone of your day.

2.Exercise- when you Exercise your body naturally releases endorphins. Annnnnd we all know that natural chemical make you feel REAL good. LOL! It also helps give you energy, which helps you conquer your day all together.

3.Do something “child-like”- now I’m not saying throw a tantrum or anything. But really, do you remember what it was like when you were a child? Not a care in the world I tell ya! Lol. You dont have to actually have children either to do this. We all have a lil niece, nephew, cousin sister, or brother. Get down on their level and PLAY with them, be in the moment and BELIEVE you are that princess in the castle, or that mighty and brave prince slaying an evil dragon trying to invade your land! Sing, dance And be silly. Have a tea party with the fairest princess of them all. We as adults often forget how amazing the world was when we were little. And hanging out with kids helps you see the “magic” you have always had but just forgot. If all else fails… watch a Disney movie haha haha!

4.Be thankful & Focus on the positive- Ever hear of that saying, I once knew a man who was sad he had no shoes until he met a man that had no feet? Focus on all the amazing blessings you have in your life. Starting with your biggest one- your life! Just simply being alive is a luxury that so many lose out on every day. Be thankful that even tho, we may be in this pandemic, or we cant travel, or go to Disneyland (in my case) lol. There are literally so many other things we CAN do still to enjoy the life we live NOW. Be thankful! And remember you dont have to have everything figured out all at once, success isn’t about what you you do. It’s about how you are able to adapt to situations and still be able to do something.

I love saying a good life is when you keep your tiara above you, your loved ones beside you, God within you, and all negativity below you. Learn to do this, you will see how you love life and it will love you right back!! What are some things you do to stay positive? Let me know in the comments below?

Tiara’s up,

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