A poncho in the snow…

White turtle neck : Nordstrom, poncho: old but similar here, Leggings: Charlotte Russe, boots: Hunter, socks: out of stock but love these, beanie: love this
Happy First Friday of the new year!! Today I’m wishing I was back in Lake Arrowhead. It’s something’s about the fresh white snow that gives such a peaceful and endearing feeling. This look was so fun. The poncho is my absolute favorite and so very soft and comfy. My fleece leggings did not disappoint and kept me oh so warm and cozy along with the cutest leopard beanie with cat ears. (I can’t) I’m so glad I live in a place where I can go and enjoy the snow but then leave and go back home to more comfortable temperatures lol. California you are my forever home! This weekend is going to be a crazy one as I still have yet to unpack me and the girls uggghh! Bwuahahaha. So a bunch or reorganizing and cleaning is definitely in order. What plans do you guys have for the weekend? Also, I’m planning on bringing something super cute and aDOLLable on Mondays;) Hopefully I can start this next Monday or the following Monday for sure. So be looking out for that! Hope you guys have a great weekend, be safe. Thank you bunches for stopping by, until next time…

Tiara’s up,


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